P&S Shape Up Interior Dressing- 128 oz.

Item Description:

  • Infused with lemon fragrance
  • Provides UV protection
  • Creates quality finish
  • Interior and exterior use formula

Conditions, softens, preserves and protects all vinyl or rubber surfaces. Shape Up is a high quality, water based silicone dressing that may be used for all dressing applications. Shape Up leaves a beautiful natural shine on both the interior and exterior. The best in vinyl dressings and preservatives also includes a bonus, a pleasant, lemony scent, so the vehicle can be dressed and deodorized in one easy step.

Directions: To create quality results we always recommend cleaning the surface prior to product application. Once clean we recommend spraying Shape Up on to an applicator pad and then hand applying product to produce desired effect. Wipe off excess material to produce quality results.

128 oz.

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