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Sediment Filter Cartridge

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Item Description:

Keep scratch causing sediments out of your wash water.

Remove sand, scale, and rust out of wash water

25 micron spun poly filter traps small particles

Must have for well water.

The Sediment Filter Cartridge works with the Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister to remove sediment from your wash water. These sediment particles, which are the result of sand, scale, and rust, can actually scratch and damage the paint's finish. The Clear Inline Water Hose Filter Canister traps the sediment in a tightly woven, 25 micron poly filter, before it can even think of damaging your vehicle. This is a must have for those using well or unfiltered water.

Insert the Sediment Filter Cartridge into the Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister to remove these impurities. If you suffer from hard water and high sediment content use both the Sediment Filter Cartridge and Water Softener Filter Cartridge to clean and soften your water. Place each into a separate Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister and mount the Sediment Filter equipped canister closest to the water spigot. Both the Clear Inline Water Hose Filter Canister, the Water Softener Filter Cartridge, two Canisters, and the necessary accessories are included in our value packed Deluxe Clean Water Filter Kit.

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Sediment Filter Cartridge