Seal Out the Winter

Seal Out the Winter

Seal out the Winter

You wouldn't dream of facing winter's ice, snow and sleet without a coat, gloves and other cold-weather gear, would you? Your car deserves the same level of protection.

Your car is in for a tough time this winter. Your car’s paint, wheels, trim, wipers and other surfaces will be at the mercy of the elements, including wind, rain, sleet, snow, sand, salt and road grime. Now is your best opportunity to inspect and prepare your car with a protective layer, giving your car a fighting chance.

Be prepared and keep that shine!

Your car is more likely to be scratched during winter due to all of the potential debris on the road. As the saying goes, “Your best offense is a good defense!” Prepare your car for the winter’s weather and protect it against:

  • Road Salt
  • Oxidation
  • Acid Rain
  • Scratches in the clear coat or top layers of paint
  • Drying and cracking of rubber, plastic and leather



Of, course, washing your car in the winter offers a fair share of challenges but it is the first most important step in winterizing your car! A high quality automotive shampoo gently washes allowing the dirt, road salt and grit to safely slip away. Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo gently cleans while also providing special lubricants to buffer your car's delicate paint finish, protecting it from scratches and swirl marks. The exclusive Pinnacle formula is ph-balanced, biodegradable and safe on all vehicle surfaces.

  • After washing your car, let the water flow heavily over the car. This will cause the water to run off the vehicle, leaving less on the surface and therefore making it much easier to dry and avoid water spots.
  • Don't skimp on your wash mitt. If it is getting old or dirty, replace it. We recommend using a Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt.
  • To avoid swirls, only use quality microfiber towels like The Guzzler for cleaning and drying. Never use terrycloth, diapers or t-shirts.


After you've washed the car, the next step is to remove any bonded surface contamination. How do you know if your paint is a victim of bonded contamination? After a good wash, feel the paint's surface. Rough spots and bumps mean contaminants so make sure to use detailing clay to improve the health and the look of your car's paint! Insert your hand into a plastic bag, this will make your fingers very sensitive to the touch, allowing you to better feel the embedded contaminates. These contaminates are mainly metallic brake dust particle, which turn to rust particle when exposed to moisture. These rust particles if not removed will quickly destroy the clear coat and lead to premature failure.

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay safely and gently removes even the most stubborn paint-toxic pollutants. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay removes embedded soil through microscopic polishing that removes the dirt without damaging the paint.Pinnacle Clay Lubricant makes claying easier and faster while protecting the paint from scratches.


If your car will be exposed to extreme winter conditions, the best protective coating is a good synthetic wax. Unlike carnauba waxes, a synthetic wax provides a durable protection that can withstand against water and road salts. Klasse All-In-One car polish & wax followed by the Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze is a great choice to battle against winter’s worst.

While keeping a protective finish shell is important especially during the winter’s months, you can also keep that showroom shine using Ultima Paint Guard Plus. This product takes about ten minutes to apply to a clean, dry vehicle. Simply wipe on and walk away. No buffing required. Ultima Paint Guard Plus continues protecting, beading water and shining for months resisting road salt, detergents, pollution, hard water spotting, insect remains, bird droppings and acid rain.

The Wolfgang Deep Gloss Total Concours Kit provides a complete exterior detailing kit, including Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 to protect your paint from harsh winter conditions.


Your car's tires have a tough job in the winter, too. Keeping the rubber clean, hydrated, and supple will certainly prolong the life of your tires and also restore your wheel’s original appearance.


Keep your wheels, tires and trim clean all year long! Sonax Wheel Cleaner is a pH balanced cleaner formulated to safely and gently clean all light alloy wheels. Even stubborn deposits such as heavy brake dust, oil, grease and road dirt are gently and thoroughly removed to restore your wheel’s rims.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your rims, use a protectant like SONAX Rim Shield to protect from the harsh winter conditions.

Wash tires thoroughly with a TUF SHINE Tire Brush and McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator prior to application of any tire dressing or coating.


Using an Acrylic Tire Coating on your vehicle's tires before winter season keeps them looking good during the harshest weather, and provides a barrier to the elements and to the ozone that can cause rubber to deteriorate. McKee's 37 Tire Coating can be applied in different methods depending on if you would like a Matte finish, or a High-shine. This coating has the ability to protect your vehicle's tires for up to 12 months!

For unbeatable protection against pollution, ultra violet light (sun), road salts, harmful and ozone Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus delivers! On black trim it maintains a dark, satin appearance. You’ll see the protection with each wash by the way your tires and trim bead water.

If you live in a region that gets snow and ice, another easy tip for winter car protection is to spray tire dressing in the wheel wells to prevent buildup of snow, ice and road salt. It's best to start this practice before the really cold weather hits.


See clearly and cleanly all winter long! Be sure to inspect wipers and replace them if there's any sign of wear. Remember, you're going to be counting on your wipers to deal with the elements. Don’t forget to treat your wiper blades. The number one cause of wiper blade failure (streaking, squeaking and skipping) is dry rubber. When used monthly on wiper blades, Sonus Tire & Bumper Dressing Gel keeps wiper blades in perfect condition.

While you're at it, check your wash fluid and add a good wash booster. A good wash booster will help cut through road salt, road grime and mud so you can see. 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets keep your windshield sparkling clean and are safe for people and the environment. They are super-concentrated and especially formulated to completely remove road film, dirt and grime leaving windshields sparkling clean.

  • When cleaning your windshield, use a Waffle Weave Glass Towel and clean in one direction on the inside and the other direction on the outside. This way you don't have to chase streaks and you can tell if you need a final wipe on the inside or out.
  • For windshields that still look hazy after a normal cleaning with glass cleaner and a microfiber towel, use a Glass Polish to get rid of the road grime build up.


Is your car’s interior ready to stand up to winter's grime? Keep the interior clean, fresh and protected against dirt, grime and road salt.


Choose a cleaner made for interior surfaces. Until now, it was necessary to use various cleaners to shampoo cloth, leather, vinyl and plastic. BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner uses unique cleaning technology, not harsh detergents, to loosen and dissolve soil so that it can be safely wiped away. Your vehicle’s interior emerges clean, fresh and ready for protection.

If you just want to focus on your leather, a great choice is Pinnacle Leather and Vinyl Cleaner. It gently cleans modern automotive leather interiors using superior cleaning technology that cleans all leather and vinyl surfaces without removing the natural sheen.

For those stubborn stains, try Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer. It is a professional strength cleaner that exceeds EPA standards for biodegradability. With all of its cleaning power, this cleaner is amazingly gentle.


Winter is hard on leather interiors. Cold, dry air pulls the moisture from leather, so it's important to treat leather prior to the onset of freezing temperatures. Once the daytime temperature dips below 50 degrees (Fahrenheit), the leather will not accept conditioners. Although the surface will look good, you have not provided moisture to the hide.

Pinnacle Leather Conditioner provides hydrating protection for all leather and imitation leather upholstery. The rich emulsion contains natural oils that are readily absorbed by leather to keep it hydrated, supple and in like-new condition.

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant is the first and only polymer sealant for automotive interiors. It uses superior science and technology to coat, seal and protect every finish in your car. Fabrics, leather and vinyl resists staining, water damage, and the effects of oils and salt from the skin and environment. Another thing to consider is protection from the sun. Blackfire Interior Protectant provides UV light protection.

  • Always apply interior protectants with an applicator to avoid overspray, especially on the windshield.
  • To prevent carpet floor mats from staining, spray 303 Fabric Guard onto the mat and work in using the white side of foam applicator. Allow to dry for two hours before using. Do not use on rubber floor mats, as this can cause a slippery finish.

For the most complete leather care, pamper your fine leather interior with the Pinnacle Concours Interior Kit.

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Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus, 12 oz. <font color=red>New Formula!</font>
Long lasting tire & trim protection from road salt and winter grime.
Sonus Tire & Bumper Dressing Gel
Tire and trim protection from road salt and winter grime.
Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel
Cleans and removes every sign of winter from your interior.
Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System
Remove road grime, insect remains, hard water deposits, tar and sap.
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Ultima Paint Guard Plus
Our most popular protectant! Ease of use, serious protection and a great shine!
303 Fabric Guard 32oz.
Covers 100-150 sq. ft.