SCANGRIP Sunmatch 2

SCANGRIP Sunmatch 2Discontinued

If you were a fan of the SCANGRIP Sunmatch original, then youíre going to love the SCANGRIP Sunmatch 2. Featuring an overall beam of light and increased visibility, while also maintaining the rugged design and construction, the SCANGRIP Sunmatch 2 is a definite improvement and performs itís job as a swirl finder and detail shop illuminator perfectly.

SCANGRIP Sunmatch 2 Technical Information:
• Color Temperature: 4500 Kelvin / 6500 Kelvin (step 1/2)
• Color Rendering Index: 96 CRI+
• Brightness: 500/250 lumen (step 1/2)
• Illuminance: 1300/650 lux@0.5m (step 1/2)
• Operating Time: 2h/built-in system switches to low mode after 3 minutes use at high mode
• Charging Time: 4 hours
• Cable: 1m / Black standard cable / USB to mini DC

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