SCANGRIP Multimatch Detailing Light Package

SCANGRIP Multimatch Detailing Light PackageDiscontinued

Perfectly for the brand new (or newly redesigned!) detail shop, the SCANGRIP Multimatch Detailing Light Package is a huge value kit designed to keep you lit and detailing as long as you need! No matter how “perfect” looking a car is, there’s usually always some flaws (at least, there is until you remove them, right?!), and with the SCANGRIP Mutimatch Detailing Light Package, you’ll be able to see them all to get rid of them all!

SCANGRIP Multimatch Detailing Light Package includes:

2 qty. SCANGRIP Multimatch
The SCANGRIP TRIPOD is designed to meet any working situation where flexible illumination is key. Extendable from 1.35 m to 3 m, the tripod offers complete flexibility to position the work light into the required height and angle.

SCANGRIP Telescoping Tripod
Illuminate your entire detailing workspace with SCANGRIP Multimatch - the largest of the SCANGRIP Detailing Light lineup. SCANGRIP Multimatch is rechargeable, can be operated using battery or by a 110 volt plug (included), and features a two-step operating system for maximum efficiency. The SCANGRIP Multimatch's housing is made from die-cast aluminum and is curved so as the protect the LED bulb should the the light be dropped or knocked over. Water resistant and dust-proof, the SCANGRIP Multimatch is a heavy duty and durable tool, perfect for the workshop.

SCANGRIP Wheel Stand
Why keep your SCANGRIP Multimatch Light stationary when you could make it mobile with the SCANGRIP Wheel Stand? Designed to be used with any iteration of the SCANGRIP Multimatch Lights, the SCANGRIP Wheel Stand features a telescoping pole allowing you adjust to any height from 2.4 ft. to 6 ft. and an adjustable head that allows you to angle the light however you’d like. Keep your SCANGRIP Multimatch Light close at hand while detailing with the SCANGRIP Wheel Stand!

SCANGRIP Multimatch Detailing Light Package includes
• 2 qty. SCANGRIP Multimatch
SCANGRIP Telescoping Tripod
SCANGRIP Wheel Stand

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