SCANGRIP Multimatch 2

SCANGRIP Multimatch 2Discontinued

When you need the brightness of the sun to help light your detail, but don’t have the luxury of outside workspace, the SCANGRIP Multimatch 2 can provides the level of light that you need, without the heat! Designed to pick out even the tiniest of paint imperfections, the SCANGRIP Multimatch 2 is a multi-faceted tool that every detailer or detailing shop should use!

SCANGRIP Multimatch 2 features:
• Durability – Featuring a dust and water proof casing, and with an impact protection rating of IK07, the SCANGRIP Multimatch 2 will hold up through even the most intense detailing sessions.
• 5 Different Color Settings & Temperatures – With 5 different settings, you are able to fully customize your light and adjust for any level you need.
• Adjustable Brightness – The SCANGRIP Multimatch 2 has a brightness level that can be adjusted from 220 lumens to 2500 lumens.

Don’t detail in the dark – brighten your work space (and leave nowhere for paint imperfections to hide!) with the SCANGRIP Multimatch 2!

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