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Rechargeable & easy to transport!

Two different color temperatures

Focused beam of light from 10 to 45 degrees

Perfect for pinpointing paint imperfections

The SCANGRIP MatchPen R is the perfect detailing companion. You know you need swirl finder lights (when the sun isnít available) to make sure the surface is fully corrected, so why not use an easy-to-transport penlight?! SCANGRIP has made a name for themselves in the detailing world by providing high quality swirl finder lights and the SCANGRIP MatchPen R is just another convenient way to ensure youíre doing the best detailing job you can.

SCANGRIP MatchPen R features:
• 2 Color Settings Ė The SCANGRIP MatchPen R features two color settings that provide you with the ability to change temperatures depending on the job at hand.
• Enhance Focus Function Ė The SCANGRIP MatchPen R uses a concentrated beam of light with the ability to focus from 10 to 45 degrees, pinpointing the exact locations of paint imperfections.

SCANGRIP MatchPen R Technical Information:
• Power source - Rechargeable Battery
• Battery type - Li-ion
• Battery capacity (mAh) - 1100
• Battery voltage (V) - 3.70
• Cable - 1 m USB to mini DC

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