SCANGRIP Essential Detailing Kit

SCANGRIP Essential Detailing KitDiscontinued

Just as the name implies, the SCANGRIP Essential Detailing Kit contains all of SCANGRIP's most essential detailing lights. Light your garage with the SCANGRIP Multimatch R, easily track down paint imperfections with the SCANGRIP Minimatch II, and get up close and personal with the SCANGRIP I-Match II - you shouldn't detail without them!

SCANGRIP Essential Detailing Kit includes:

The SCANGRIP MiniMatch is a simple, yet effective, method of illuminating all paint imperfections - from swirls to pinhole dings. Utilizing two color temperature settings (warm and cool), the SCANGRIP MiniMatch is especially useful for both bright and dark colored surfaces. Thanks to a built in clip and the “mini” size, the SCANGRIP MiniMatch is ultra-portable – perfect for the traveling detailer!

SCANGRIP Multimatch R
Do you need powerful lighting but don't have nearly $500 for the SCANGRIP Multimatch 2 light? Then the SCANGRIP Multimatch R tool is the solution for you! By providing a beam of light that measures up to 1,200 lumen, the SCANGRIP Multimatch is ideal for the inspection of paint prior to a detail, as well as providing illumination during the correction. By offering 5 different color temperatures, the SCANGRIP Multimatch R puts the option of complete customization in your hands - at a reasonable rate!

Finally! A hands-free light specifically designed to be worn on your head - the ideal tool for detailers everywhere! This sturdy light features many of the same qualities of the other SCANGRIP lights, without the hassle of searching for the light placement for best results. Simply position the SCANGRIP I-Match 2 band around your head and you're good to go!

SCANGRIP Essential Detailing Kit includes:
• SCANGRIP MiniMatch
• SCANGRIP Multimatch R

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