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S100 Polishing Soap

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Item Description:

S100 Polishing Soap creates a mirror finish on chrome and metals!

Cleans and polishes metals without abrasives.

Removes rust, tarnish and stains from chrome, stainless steel and aluminum.

Biodegradable and nontoxic.

S100 Polishing Soap for motorcycles is a totally unique way to clean and polish metals. It works like a stellar metal polish but it's as easy and safe to use as a soap.

S100 Polishing Soap removes rust, tarnish, and stains like a metal polish, but it's easier to use. Because there are no abrasives, there is no chance of scratching metal. Yet, S100 Polishing Soap is capable of producing a mirror shine!

There's nothing in S100 Polishing Soap to harm your motorcycle or your skin. Use the included foam sponge to create a soapy lather with S100 Polishing Soap. Then scrub down a section of the motorcycle and rinse well with water. Metals will be clean and brilliant.

Use S100 Polishing Soap to keep your motorcycle gleaming.

10.6 oz

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S100 Polishing Soap