Rupes UHS Polishing Compound 1 Liter

Rupes UHS Polishing Compound 1 LiterDiscontinued

Rupes UHS Easy Gloss System is safe and effective on all paint systems making it the perfect go-to product line in your garage or shop! With the Rupes UHS Easy Gloss System, you simply use the UHS Easy Gloss Polishing Compound with the UHS Easy Gloss Foam Pad size that suits your specific needs. The pads come in three sizes—four inch, six inch, and seven inch—for use with any Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher. The entire system is safe for use on all paint systems. Even extremely scratch resistant European clear coats will benefit from the one-step Rupes UHS Easy Gloss System!

Anyone that details cars professionally, or has trouble finding time to detail as a hobby will truly enjoy the Rupes UHS Easy Gloss System. In just one step, with just one pad, this system will correct light to moderate swirl marks, spider webs, and other gloss-hindering imperfections. To the professional, that means more cars, and a higher profit margin; to the enthusiast, that means perfect paint in less time!

The results you see when polishing your vehicle are no illusion! The UHS Easy Gloss Compound is body shop safe and contains no fillers. When you finish polishing the results won’t wash away in the rain! Easy Gloss Compound is a medium-cut compound with a long working time. After working a panel, the residue is easy to wipe away. UHS Easy Gloss Compound is designed specifically for use with UHS Easy Gloss Foam Pads.

1 liter