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The complete kit for the RUPES LHR19!

The RUPES LHR19E Complete Kit sets you up with the products needed to pull out major paint imperfections with the RUPES LHR19E. The RUPES LHR19E Complete Kit includes the products you need to maximize the protentional of the RUPES LHR 19E as well as tackle a broad range of paint defects. The included Rotary Coarse, Fine, and Pure abrasives can remove deeper defects while still finishing out to a beautiful shine. To utilize those products properly, you'll find the full range of RUPES foam pads as well as RUPES Wool pads for the deeper scratches. All these great products are packed up with RUPES LHR 19E accessories in the semi-rigid RUPES Polisher Bag!

This Kit Includes:

RUPES BigFoot LHR 19E Rotary Polisher
The RUPES BigFoot LHR 19E Rotary Polisher is a new take on a rotary tool. RUPES is known for engineering tools that provide optimal performance and superior user experience, the RUPES BigFoot LHR 19E is no exception! With all the challenges in the world of auto and marine detailing, a rotary polisher is a necessary tool in every detailers arsenal. The RUPES BigFoot LHR 19E is a high-torque rotary polisher in a lightweight package to improve maneuverability and enhance the user's ability to correct the most resilient imperfections!

Rotary Coarse Compound
Rupes Coarse Compound is the solution for removing sanding marks, while also maintaining a smooth operational experience. Rupes Coarse Compound also provides aggressive cutting action for sanding marks and severe surface defects, all without excessive dusting or chatter. It can cut through P1500 sanding scratches in the hardest of paint systems thanks to powerful abrasives tightly packed. This product works best with the color coordination of other products, like the Coarse Blue Rotary Polishing Foam Pad.

Rotary Fine Compound
Rupes Rotary Fine Compound is the perfect second step to the coarse rotary procedure to refine finishes, remove light defects and deliver a wax-ready shine. Using micro abrasives and proprietary blend, they have been made to operate smoothly and enhance the user experience. Plus, Rupes Rotary Fine Compound can remove up to P3000 grit scratches. This product works best with the coordinated Rupes Yellow Fine Rotary Fine Pad.

Rupes UNO Pure Ultra Finishing Polish
Rupes UNO Pure is an ultra-fine abrasive polish designed for use on all kinds of tools. Made in Italy, Rupes UNO Pure produces high levels of gloss and clarity. Rupes UNO Pure is body shop safe and ideal for high-end finishing or for soft, haze-prone paints. Rupes UNO Pure has an easy-to-use formula that allows you to easily wipe off product.

Rupes Blue Coarse Foam 160mm Pad
This pad is the first step in the Rupes Big Foot Polishing System. The Blue Coarse Foam Pad is very aggressive in its construction and was designed to be used with a cutting compound. This pad is capable of removing up to 1500 grit sanding marks on fresh paint. Swirls, light scratches, water spots and other paint imperfections will be effortlessly removed with this pad. Always follow this pad with a less aggressive pad/polish combination to maximize gloss and surface smoothness.

Rupes Yellow Fine Foam 160mm Pad
The Fine Yellow Foam Pad was designed to remove light swirl marks, holograms, clay-induced marring, and other light paint imperfections. This pad finishes exceptionally well considering the mechanical polishing ability that it provides.

Rupes Ultra Fine White Foam Pad
The Ultra Fine White Pad is exceptionally soft in its construction and was designed to maximize gloss and clarity before applying a wax or sealant. The Ultra Fine White Pad will finish flawlessly on any paint system when used with a high quality polish.

Rupes Cut & Finish Wool Polishing Pad
Rupes Cut & Finish Wool Polishing Pads are made of genuine merino wool fibers that have been refined to consistent 20mm length. The dense pattern of the Rupes Cut & Finish Wool Polishing Pads is specifically designed to be a foam cushion to deliver the perfect balance between cut and finish (hence, the name). Plus, this unique design of Rupes Cut & Finish Wool Polishing Pads allows the operator to manipulate the pad in several applications, even to contour panels without risking damage to the surface or an uneven cut.

Rupes Coarse Wool Polishing Pad
The name you know and love, RUPES, has a Twisted Natural Wool Pad that is ideal for a perfect polish or compound. With a premium blend of lamb's wool and a precise strand length, the RUPES Twisted Natural Wool Pad is your first pad choice for a smooth, shimmering finish. RUPES Twisted Natural Wool Pad comes in three sizes and can work on virtually all rotary polishing tools out there.

Anti-Vibration Side Handle
This anti-vibration handle works with the Rupes LHR19E. It has a soft grip material and a unique design that absorbs and dissipates vibrations, thus improving overall comfort for the user. This special design also protects delicate surfaces from accidental damage.

RUPES Claw Pad Tool
The BigFoot Claw Pad Tool features a brush for clearing compound residues from pads to maintain consistent polishing performance and on the other end a “claw" used to separate the pads from the backing plate.

Cable Clamp
Keep you cords organized no matter where you are with the Rupes Cable Clamp. This durable, molded plastic will keep your cords bundled in a bag, cabinet or even hanging on the wall. It also makes a great way to hang towels from your belt of to secure your keys.

16x16" Microfiber cloths
These microfiber towels come in four different colors to prevent cross contaminations. Their soft touch and virtually edgeless design allow them to gently buff away and remaining residue without leaving scratches or other defects behind.

Detailing Apron
The detailing apron allows you to show off your love of Rupes while also keeping clean and organized. The apron can protect your clothing from chemicals that my stain, plus the large front pockets can help you keep some of your tools organized, such as your microfiber towels and swirl finder light.

Semi Rigid BigFoot Carrying Bag
You've got this great polisher and all the products to go with it, now where are you going to keep it? In this carrying bag of course! This bad fits not only your polisher, but many other items that go along with it. It is sturdy, with deep pockets and cushioned strap for easy carrying.

This Kit Includes:

  • RUPES LHR19E Polisher
  • 250 ml Rotary Coarse Compound
  • 250 ml Rotary Fine Compound
  • 120 ml UNO Pure Ultra Finishing Polish
  • 180 mm Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Pad
  • 180 mm Rupes Yellow Fine Foam Pad
  • 180 mm Rupes Ultra Fine White Foam Pad
  • 180 mm Coarse Wool Polishing Pad
  • 150 mm Cut & Finish Wool Polishing Pad
  • Anti-Vibration Side Handle
  • Claw Pad Tool
  • Cable Clamp
  • 4 Qty. 16x16" Microfiber cloths
  • Detailing Apron
  • Semi-rigid BigFoot Carrying Bag
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