RUPES LHR15 Mark III Starter Kit

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The essentials of the RUPES LHR 15 Mark III!

The RUPES LHR15 Mark III Starter Kit is just what you need to start exploring the finer side of polishing. The RUPES LHR15 Mark III Starter Kit sets you up with the right abrasive and pad combination to remove an assortment of paint defects that are hindering the finish. To power those products, you'll find the RUPES LHR15 Mark III. This 3rd generation unit is the cutting edge of machine polisher technology, capitalizing on over 70 years of experience. Each component of the RUPES LHR15 Mark III Starter Kit is engineered to work with each other to provide an exceptional user experience and flawless results. If you have been waiting for the perfect kit to introduce you to the RUPES system, you've just found it!

This Kit Includes:

RUPES BigFoot LHR15 Mark III Random Orbital Polisher
The RUPES BigFoot LHR15 Mark III continues the well know legacy of the BigFoot polishing system. The LHR15 Mark III utilizes all the core aspects that made the Mark II machines a go-to tool for the professional and enthusiast. The LHR15 Mark III BigFoot polisher focuses on superior correction ability by combining a massive 15 millimeter throw with its highly efficient 500-watt motor. RUPES channels this correction power into a balanced machine that produces little vibration to reduce fatigue and create an improved user experience.

Rupes LHR 15 5 Inch Backing Plate
The Rupes LHR 15 5 Inch Backing Plate is factory replacement backing plate for use with the Rupes LHR 15ES and LHR 15 Mark III Big Foot Random Orbital Polishers. This high quality backing plate was designed by Rupes for this polisher and will not work with other random orbital polishers. It has been fortified with a deep hook and loop material for secure pad mounting.

RUPES D-A COARSE High-Performance Cutting Compound is the heavy hitter of the RUPES D-A System. Ideal for moderate to severe defects, RUPES D-A COARSE was designed to be a solution for quick and effective defect removal on any paint type. Optimized for use with the COARSE blue foam pad, DA wool pads, or COARSE Microfiber Discs. The RUPES D-A COARSE compound represents a significant advancement in cutting compound performance with excellent clarity, low dusting, and easy wipe off.

Rupes DA Fine Polishing Compound
RUPES D-A FINE balances on the fine line between cutting power and finishing capabilities. RUPES D-A FINE is the result of extensive testing by RUPES to produce a fine polish that combines impressive cutting power along with an impressive finish. Developed in house in, in Italy, RUPES D-A FINE brings superior micro-abrasive technology to RUPES polishing system. RUPES D-A FINE is ideal for one-step defect removal or as stage two in the RUPES polishing system. The enhanced finishing capabilities along with an easy wipe of ensure you'll have a level of gloss that's RUPES approved.

Rupes DA Blue Coarse Foam Pad
The D-A COARSE Cutting Foam Pad is the first, and most aggressive foam pad of the RUPES polishing system. Redesigned to capture the best attributes of the previous Blue Coarse and Green Medium cutting pads, the D-A COARSE Cutting Foam Pad yields powerful corrective capabilities and a smooth finish. The D-A COARSE Cutting Foam Pad features a lower profile than previous version for increased pad spin on contact. The optimized size also provides increased cooling capabilities for enhanced durability and pad life. The D-A COARSE Cutting Foam Pad performs best when paired with RUPES D-A COARSE High-Performance Cutting Compound.

Rupes DA Yellow Fine Foam Pad
The RUPES D-A FINE Finishing Foam Pad is the second, more refined foam of the BigFoot polishing system. Using the same foam technology RUPES enthusiasts fell in love with, the RUPES D-A FINE Finishing Foam Pad features an optimized pad size for improved performance. The RUPES D-A FINE Finishing Foam Pad provides rapid removal of moderate to fine defects that are hindering your paints gloss and reflectivity. As one of the most versatile pads in the RUPES system, the D-A FINE Finishing Foam Pad works as a one step defect removal pad, or as the second stage in the RUPES system.

RUPES Claw Pad Tool
The BigFoot Claw Pad Tool features a brush for clearing compound residues from pads to maintain consistent polishing performance and on the other end a “claw" used to separate the pads from the backing plate.

Cable Clamp
Keep you cords organized no matter where you are with the Rupes Cable Clamp. This durable, molded plastic will keep your cords bundled in a bag, cabinet or even hanging on the wall. It also makes a great way to hang towels from your belt of to secure your keys.

16x16" Microfiber cloths
These microfiber towels come in two different colors to prevent cross contaminations. Their soft touch and virtually edgeless design allow them to gently buff away and remaining residue without leaving scratches or other defects behind.

  • LHR15III Polisher
  • 5 Inch/125 mm Backing Plate
  • 250 ml Coarse Compound
  • 250 ml Fine Compound
  • 6 Inch/150 mm. Coarse Blue Foam Pad
  • 6 Inch/150 mm. Fine Yellow Foam Pad
  • Claw Pad Tool
  • Cable Clamp
  • 2 Qty. 16x16" Microfiber cloths
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