RUPES BigFoot iBrid Battery Charger

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The RUPES BigFoot iBrid Battery Charger gives you an extra spot to charge an Extra battery. Designed specifically for use with the iBrid system battery pack, this charger is ideal for allowing you to charge multiple batteries at the same time. The RUPES BigFoot iBrid Battery Charger makes a great addition to your iBrid system, or as a factory replacement should something happen to your original charger. Preparing for a big detail job can mean different things to different people. You need to decide which polisher, pads, compounds, polishes, and towels to use. When your iBrid system makes the list (which it will!) you'll want your batteries completely charged, but the iBrid system only includes a charger for one of its two batteries. While this is fine in many instances, why not make life easier by picking up an extra charger so that you can simultaneously charge both batteries before you even begin detailing? The RUPES BigFoot iBrid Battery Charger has all of the features of the charger that came with your iBrid system. It has LED lights that indicate the level of charge, so you can keep better track and avoid running out mid-detail. The charger unit is lightweight and easy to pack when detailing on the go. Simply plug in the 110 volt power cord and in about 20 minutes, you'll have a fully charged iBrid battery!
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