Foam and Wool Pads and Accessories for Rotary/Circular Polishers

Pads and Accessories for Rotary PolishersRotary polishers, also known as circular polishers, provide more power and can therefore accommodate larger pads, allowing you to cover more area with each pass. These pads are compatible with most rotary buffers including the Makita 9227C, DeWalt Variable Speed Polisher, Craftsman Professional Sander/Polisher 11506, Vector WaxxPro Circular Polisher VEC-236, and the Coleman Powermate 7 Inch Sander/Polisher PMB7284.

Lake Country offers a wide variety of pad compositions in both 7.5 inch and 8.5 inch sizes for your rotary polisher. The 7.5 inch pads should be used with a 6 inch hook and loop rotary backing plates, and the 8.5 inch pads should be used with a 7 inch hook and loop rotary backing plate. When the proper pad and backing plate combination is used to polish your vehicle, you will notice a protective lip of foam that hangs over the edge of the backing plate. This offers added protection against accidental contact between your paint and your backing plate. For spot polishing, use Spot Buffs 4 Inch Pads or Lake Country 4 Inch Low Profile Pads. These pads should be used with a 2 ¾ inch rotary backing plate or 3 ¾ inch rotary backing plate.

The many foam compositions available for your rotary polisher ensure that you will have the perfect pad for any polishing project. The dimpled faces of Lake Country’s most popular CCS pads help dissipate heat, providing you with more consistent results with decreased risk of accidental burn through. For added value, consider purchasing your pads in one of our foam pad kits, like the Advanced Curved Edge 7.5” CCS Foam Pad Kit at a significant savings.

Lake Country also offers 6.5 inch and 7.5 inch wool pads in both cutting and polishing compositions to meet the needs of any detailing project. These durable wool pads attach to you rotary backing plate via hook and loop attachment.

Meguiars, one of the oldest names in car care, offers foam and wool pads in several sizes and compositions for your Rotary Polisher. The Meguiars Soft Buff series of pads is available in 4 inch, 6 inch, and 7 inch sizes making it an extremely versatile line. For tougher correction projects, Meguiars Solo Wool Pads offer more cut. Meguiars Wool Pads are available in 3 inch and 7 inch sizes. Each Meguiars buffing pad features hook and loop backing for an easy attachment to your corresponding Meguiars Backing Plate.

To keep pads in top condition, clean them often using a pad spur and your favorite pad cleaner like BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Cleaner. Simply spray the pad, let the solution dwell for 30 seconds, and then agitate it with a foam pad conditioning brush. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.
Lake Country set the standard in low-profile rotary backing plates. The steel plated, threaded insert fits any circular polisher with a 5/8 inch diameter shaft.
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Designed to provide the maximum cut available, wool pads are the perfect match for rotary or dual action polishers.
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Flat pads made exclusively for use on DA or Random Orbital machines. All pads have Velcro buffed back from edge to avoid hitting the buffing surface as well to help center on the backing plate
CCS are perfect for use with DA or Random Orbital machines or Rotary Polishers. Dozens of dimples in the foam collect excess polish and reserve it until it is needed on the pad’s face