RoadFS Business Management Software

RoadFS Business Management Software

Up Your Detailing Business Game With RoadFS

Ready to simplify the scheduling and invoicing of your detailing business? RoadFS, powered by Zenware, was developed to meet the needs of your detailing business. This simple yet robust software is a perfect fit for detailing businesses of all sizes. RoadFS is configurable to manage customers, scheduling, inventory, track time, and even connect to QuickBooks. Whether you're on the road or setup in a shop, RoadFS can empower you to free up more time and streamline your business. Plus, less desk work means more time detailing, and more detailing means more money!

Create Estimates & Invoices Instantly!

Create the perfect estimate for you right in the app. Walk through service options, packages, and pricing using the RoadFS office application or mobile app. This empowers you or your service techs to create work orders or invoices on the fly so they can get to detailing even faster. While this helps the efficiently of the business, it also delivers a sound, and organized business structure to your customers. Working through your customers wants or needs quickly while showing them what your business can provide.

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Document Damaged During Inspection

Digitally document the vehicle on which you’ll be working. Not only will this protect you from customers that may be unaware of damage, but it will also provide you with proof to cover you in the unfortunate event that something gets escalated. You can use the RoadFS app to document previous damaged or document work that you’ve completed. RoadFS can capture multiple photos per work order. Damage Shot

Scheduling & Customer Interaction

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Time & Commission Tracking

Schedule Screenshot Keep an eye on you or your team's time with two different options for tracking work time.

Traditional Time Tracking - offers you a simple and efficient way to monitor work times. This will allow you to look at every minute of your hours.

Service Item Time Tracking – Want to dive deeper into the metrics of your services? Track you or your techs' actual time spent on each aspect of service. This data empowers you to guarantee turnaround time, identity training or efficiency opportunities for your team, and ensure you are pricing the services correctly.

RoadFS also offers commission tracking. Just as you would assume, this allows you to automatically track employees’ commissions, and quickly calculate what you owe!

Inventory and POS

Obviously, you won’t be doing much detailing if you don’t have the producta to do it! Easily set par values for when you need to restock products from single or multiple vendors. Send a purchase order directly to your preferred vendors to speed the process of restocking. RoadFS can manage inventory and orders from multiple vans and warehouses. Schedule Screenshot