RaceDeck Free-Flow Floor Tile, 12 x 12 inches

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Create the garage you’ve always dreamed about!

RaceDeck Free-Flow Floor Tiles offer a fully-customizable flooring system that will transform your space into a professional showroom. RaceDeck Free-Flow Floor Tiles provide maximum airflow and drainage of liquids and debris. Whether you are looking for a wall-to-wall floor covering or a parking mat focal point, RaceDeck Free-Flow Floor Tiles are the ideal solution. Each 12” x 12” x ½” RaceDeck Free-Flow Floor Tile is designed to be attractive, functional, and durable. Since RaceDeck tiles are made in the USA, you can feel confident in the quality and reliability of each one!

RaceDeck Free-Flow Floor Tiles are engineered to lock together forming seamless look. Ten available color choices provide the opportunity to create a custom floor pattern and available edge pieces supply a finished look. Cover the entire floor or create a custom parking mat—it’s your choice! RaceDeck flooring is easy to clean and resistant to petroleum-based products and most chemicals while the free-flow pattern allows liquids to drain away providing maximum slip resistance. Once installed, your RaceDeck floor becomes one piece capable of supporting rolling loads of over 80,000 pounds.

Most RaceDeck Tiles will spend the majority of their existence underneath a car so they have been engineered to be extremely durable. These tiles are built to last in home and commercial garages, airplane hangars, basements, and other areas that see heavy traffic. RaceDeck tiles are designed to lock into place via 16 PowerLocks, allowing the individual tiles to become, in essence, one giant tile that will give your space a whole new look. Grid reinforcement on the underside of each tile supplies the support necessary to withstand the weight of rolling vehicles.

RaceDeck tiles are made in the USA from high-impact copolymers in a process that has been perfected over more than three decades. RaceDeck floors feature patented Step-N-Snap technology to make installation easy. In a couple of hours, your garage will be transformed—and you won’t need tools or adhesives! Just measure the space being covered to figure out how many 12” x 12” tiles you’ll need, pick your colors, and you’re ready to order. Edging is available for a more finished look. Edge pieces are 12” x 2” and corner pieces are 14” x 2”. On a square parking mat, two sides will require female edges and corners and two sides will require male edges and corners.

Available in these colors:

PLEASE NOTE: Colors shown on this website may differ slightly from the actual product due to inconsistencies in electronic media. If color matching is critical, please order a single tile to verify the exact color.

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