Race Ramps Trailer Ramps - 5 Inch

Race Ramps Trailer Ramps - 5 Inch Discontinued

Five Inch Trailer Ramps from Race Ramps make loading and unloading your vehicle from its trailer easier than ever before! With a simple placement of these ramps under the trailer door, your angle of approach can be reduced to as little as 4.3° which is ideal for low-profile vehicles. Race Ramps 5 Inch Trailer Ramps are lightweight and durable making them an easy-to-use solution for your trailer setup.

If our car is worthy of being trailered, there’s a strong possibility that you don’t want to damage it during loading and unloading. Without a ramp in place, you can easily damage the nose of your vehicle n approach. Race Ramps 5 Inch Trailer Ramps are the quick and easy solution for taking your vehicle on the road without having to schedule a trip to the body shop!

Race Ramps 5 Inch Trailer Ramps are superior-light, yet are able to support a tremendous amount of weight. In fact, they’re capable of supporting vehicles up to 6,000 pounds! The textured ramps will not slip, even on epoxy coated floors, and won’t scratch or rust either. Each ramp is 5” high, 67” long, and 14” wide making Race Ramps 5 Inch Trailer Ramps are ideal for vehicles with low ground clearance and tires up to 12” wide. Simply place the door notch of the ramp under the trailer door and you’ll have your vehicle safely loaded in no time!

67” Long x 14” Wide x 5” High with a 4.3° angle of approach
Set of 2 ramps
Made in the USA

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