Race Ramps Products

Race Ramps ProductsRace Ramps is a Michigan-based company that specializes in creating innovative products that make the life of any car enthusiast easier. Lightweight and durable products are a necessity around the garage and the racetrack, and Race Ramps continually produces innovative new products that fit this need. With such unique and useful products, Race Ramps has taken the automotive accessories world by storm, quickly becoming a leading producer.

Race Ramps is proud to provide a complete product line made in the USA from American-manufactured raw materials. Their US-patented manufacturing process provides lightweight yet durable products that have become a fast favorite with car racing, repair, and display sectors. The secret to the lightweight portability of Race Ramps products is the solid foam core, that provides strength while minimizing weight.

Next time youíre heading to the track or the car show, donít forget to pack the trunk with your favorite Race Ramps items!