P&S TWISTER Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt

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70/30 blend of premium tri-colored fibers

Plush pile ensures the safety of the softest paints

Double stitched construction for increased durability

Developed to the high standards of the P&S team

A new TWIST on the standard wash mitt!

The P&S TWISTER Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt brings the high standard of the P&S professional to the world of wash media. This is no run of the mill wash mitt, and you won’t find copycats. This was manufacture to the exact specs of P&S Team. The P&S TWISTER Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt is made with a premium blend of 70/30 tri-colored microfiber to ensure safe contact with delicate finishes. Double stitching ensures the P&S TWISTER Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt will wash miles and miles of road grim off without worry. Every detailer knows that wash media is one of the most import aspects of vehicle maintenance, so step up to the P&S standard!

SOFT The Blend of 70/30 microfiber means safe contact with soft paints!
You won’t find any coarse fibers in this mitt. The blend of 70/30 tri-colored fibers ensure the softest touch on sensitive paints.

SAFE! Plush fibers safely tuck contamination deep into the mitt for safe paint contact.
Soft fibers gently collect dirt and contamination and tuck it deep into the fibers of the mitt. This increases the safety of every pass on even the dirtiest vehicles.

STURDY! Double stitched for superior durability.
Made for wash, after wash, after wash. The sturdy construction of the P&S TWISTER Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt utilizes double stitching for the most durability!

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