Renny Doyle Double Black Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant - 128 oz.

Item Description:

Protects fabric surfaces from dirt or liquid spillage

Covers fabric in a polymer based, VOC free layer of protection

Easy spray on application

Everyone’s interior can use some fresh inspiration, as in Double Black Renny Doyle Collection: Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant! Inspiration Fabric Coating fortifies your interior fabrics with a layer of hydrophobic protection and saves you from any spillage or contamination! Inspiration Fabric Coating was designed with a proprietary blend of polymers to create a force field around your fabric surfaces, protecting them from anything that may want to hinder their appearance. This highly effective formula provides durable protection from staining with incredibly easy application process. Simply spray a light mist over the area to be treated and let dry. That’s it!

Regardless if you are a professional and detailing for a living, or if you’re just trying to protect your car from picking up the kids from soccer practice, Inspiration Fabric Coating has you covered!

Directions For Use:

  • Clean fabric and allow to fully dry before application.
  • Spray Inspiration Fabric Coating directly on the surface.
  • Allow product to cure for 24 hours or more prior to exposing to moisture

128 oz.