Prima Wheel Armour

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Wheel Armour is a super-durable wheel protectant. Our goal with Wheel Armour was amazing heat resistance. What we ended up with was a serious defender against brake dust.

The product is so easy to use. It is literally wipe on/wipe off. Direct sun is not an issue. Wheel Shield applies and removes with ease in all conditions. Super-polymer protection means your wheels stay cleaner longer and clean up easier. A harsh wheel cleaner will no longer be necessary.

Wheel Shield contains some sturdy cleaners which mean light tar and road gunk will lift as you protect. Of course you will want to thoroughly clean your wheels prior to applying Wheel Shield. It is the stuck on gunk that Wheel Shield removes best. It is safe for all wheel types including painted, polished and anodized.

Wheel Shield will clean, shine, polish and protect in one easy step.

8 oz.

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