Polish Angel Viking Kit

Polish Angel Viking KitDiscontinued

Polish Angel Viking Kit Includes:

Polish Angel Glissante Shampoo 500ml: Polish Angel GLISSANTE Shampoo is a concentrated car wash shampoo that effectively cleans your vehicle and virtually eliminates water spotting. The pH neutral formula makes this shampoo safe and gentle on delicate paint systems. Polish Angel GLISSANTE Shampoo contains the polymers and lipids your paint needs to look shiny and glossy after every wash.

Washing our vehicle is a necessity—most enthusiasts wash their vehicles at least once a week—and with so many car wash shampoos out there, choosing the right one can feel daunting. Polish Angel GLISSANTE Shampoo is the ideal choice for increasing the gloss and shine on your paint with every wash. This unique formula not only cleans away dirt and grime, it also boosts existing paint protection to keep your car looking its best.

Polish Angel Viking Coat 50 ml.: Polish Angel Viking Coat is an extremely durable, extremely hydrophobic paint coating that leaves your vehicle protected by a glass-like shell. Originally develop in Germany for use in frigid Nordic climates, this unique formula will stand up to nearly any conditions. Polish Angel Viking Coat produces incredible gloss, smoothness, and durability with each application.

In Nordic regions like Sweden, the climate is grueling during the winter months with lots of snow, ice, and subfreezing temperatures. Polish Angel Viking Coat was originally developed for use in these unforgiving conditions, but don’t worry it’s a perfect formula for use in any climate zone! With a simple application that requires only three hours cure time, your vehicle will be shiny and protected from the elements.

Polish Angel Viking Spritz 200 ml: Polish Angel Viking Spritz is an easy to use protectant spray that enhances shine and protects against harsh environmental contaminants. Originally developed in Germany for use in frigid Nordic climates, this unique formula will stand up to nearly any conditions. Polish Angel Viking Spritz will have your vehicle looking intensely glossy while it maintains a tremendous level of protection and durability.

Polish Angel Viking Spritz contains the highest concentration of silica and titanium dioxide offered by Polish Angel. The silica content ensures the hard shell of protection and long lasting durability while the titanium dioxide makes the color pop and increases overall shine. Only a thin layer is necessary to blanket the vehicle in shine and protection, and the formula can be used on wet or dry surfaces. Just spray a small amount on to the surface, spread it out evenly, then buff to a shine! Polish Angel Viking Spritz will not leave chalky residue behind on plastics.