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Polish Angel Sprayduster Active New & Improved

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Item Description:

The perfect way to remove dust without marring the surface.

New Formula with Active Foam For Better Cleaning & Water Spot Removal!

Easy to use

Thick formula

Polish Angel Sprayduster Active is the perfect alternative to a traditional quick detail sprays. This unique thick formula is designed specifically to remove dust, hair, and other small particles that collect on the paint of carefully maintained show cars. Polish Angel Sprayduster Active is perfect for use before a car show, in between regular washes, or as a drying aid.

Even the most pristine garage-kept show cars all face a common enemy: dust. While all quick detail sprays will claim to be the perfect fit for any vehicle with a dust problem, only Polish Angel Sprayduster Active has been specifically designed to meet the needs of your show car. The difference is the thickness of the formula. Your standard-issue quick detailer is watery and runny, while Polish Angel Sprayduster Active is thick and slick. This beefed-up version of a quick detailer is able to lift dust and light soil away from the surface so that you can safely wipe it away without marring the perfect paint!

Polish Angel Sprayduster Active is safe for use on nearly any surface – not just paint! The streak-free formula can be used on glass, aluminum, vinyl, plastics, and more. Polish Angel Sprayduster Active can restore the fresh-washed look of your well-maintained vehicle in as little as 10 minutes – all it takes is a spray and a wipe! If that’s not enough, Polish Angel Sprayduster Active can also be used as a drying aid to reduce the risk of water spots and marring! Keep dust at bay with Polish Angel Sprayduster Active.

500 ml.

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Product Reviews

Polish Angel Sprayduster Active New & Improved
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

a pleasant surprise
I purchased this bottle on a sale because I had heard mixed reviews about it and I have loved every other PA product I have tried so I had to see for myself. Upon first use it took a little bit of finessing to get it to not haze but once I figured out which towels worked great with this product I will say I am very impressed. It leaves an extra layer of shine and also some protection. I sprayed this on a completely clean and prepped panel and it beaded up very nicely. I would consider this product a quick detailer With wax (or some polish angel heavenly polymer)
enhances shine and adds protection. leaves a buttery smooth feeling
it's expensive, and it will streak if you apply too much and don't use a second towel for wipeoff

Salem, UT
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Yeah, it's a Dust Maganet
Thick formula that attracts dust and lint better than any quick detailer I've tried.
Thick, really picks up dust. Almost a produc that fits between a Waterless Wash and a Quick Detailer. Easy to use.