Polish Angel Cosmic Kit V2

Polish Angel Cosmic Kit <font color=red>V2</font>Discontinued

The Polish Angel Cosmic Kit v2 comes complete with everything needed to apply Polish Angel's patented German coating system onto your vehicle.

With so many two-part sealant systems on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your vehicle. Polish Angel Glasscoat Cosmic V2 when paired with Polished Angel Glasscoat Primer takes all the guesswork out of the two-part coating process. In just two simple steps, you can blanket your vehicle with unmatched protection and insane shine that lasts up to two years!

Cosmic v2 50ml:

This German patent coating system contains silica (SiO) and titania (TiO2). Compared with the original COSMIC, COSMIC V2 contains 5% more silica and 10% more titania. No paint sealant on the market has such a layer which is resistant to harsh environmental influences. GLASSCOAT ™ | COSMIC V2 provides unbelievable surface clarity and color transparency. Its creamy texture is easy on and easy off and has a long lasting life of 18-24 months. GLASSCOAT™ | COSMIC V2 is the ultimate protection for your jewel finish.

Durability : 18 - 24 Months

Pencil Hardness : 9H (Note: Pencil Hardness is not the same as Mohs Hardness Scale)

Polish Angel Glasscoat Invincible Primer 50 ml.

Polish Angel Glasscoat Invincible Primer contains the diminishing abrasives that you need to properly prepare your vehicle for a coating of Polish Angel Glasscoat Cosmic. The unique abrasives contained in the formula are designed to gradually diminish, leaving a totally smooth mirror finish behind. Invincible Primer increases shine, color, and smoothness in preparation for the next step. Get your vehicle’s paint ready for the Cosmic treatment with Polish Angel Glasscoat Invincible Primer.

  • GLASSCOAT™ | COSMIC V2 50ml.
  • lasscoat Invincible Primer 50 ml.
  • High Quality Application Pad

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