Polish Angel Basics Kit

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If you’re looking to wash, polish, or seal your vehicle with the most luxurious products possible, look no further than Polish Angel.

Polish Angel GLISSANTE Shampoo is a concentrated car wash shampoo that effectively cleans your vehicle and virtually eliminates water spotting. The pH neutral formula makes this shampoo safe and gentle on delicate paint systems. Polish Angel GLISSANTE Shampoo contains the polymers and lipids your paint needs to look shiny and glossy after every wash.

Polish Angel GLISSANTE Shampoo contains a 10% carnauba gel paste that increases gloss and protection like no other was formula can. Special polymers in the highly concentrated formula help soften water to virtually eliminate water spots. The carnauba content coupled with the polymers will actually help to remove around 90% of all of the water from the surface during rinsing, simplifying the entire process! The highly concentrated formula makes for an economical car wash option—only one ounce will create up to three gallons of wash solution! Polish Angel GLISSANTE Shampoo helps you keep your paint looking fresh mile after mile.

500 ml

Polish Angel Esclate Lotion is a paint cleansing cream designed to restore shine and intensity of color on your vehicle’s painted, chrome, and aluminum surfaces. This unique formula doesn’t just glaze over and fill imperfections, but actually targets light scratches and swirls marks, smoothing them out and eliminating them. Polish Angel Esclate Lotion removes impurities and old waxes so that you can work toward a perfectly reflective paint surface.

200 ml.

Polish Angel Master Sealant is an easy-to-apply sealant that provides up to 12 months of protection to treated surfaces. This polymer-rich formula helps achieve a deep, wet shine and glossiness that will impress even the most discerning enthusiasts. Polish Angel Master Sealant blankets the vehicle in protection and resists all kinds of environmental contaminants and UV rays.

Directions: Work in the shade. Always work on a clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch. Using a sealant applicator pad, apply a thin layer to the vehicle. Allow to cure for 20 minutes. After curing, buff with a clean dry microfiber towel. Add a second layer within 30 minutes of buff-off if desired. Keep treated vehicle dry and out of sunlight for two hours after application to allow proper bonding.

200 ml.

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