Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax - 32 oz.

Item Description:

A one step solution to paint care!

Combines advanced abrasives with premium wax technology

Unique formulation creates a deep, wet shine.

Infused with the signature Pinnacle Souveran wax!

A blend of abrasives combined with the Souveran shine!

Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax combines some of the best features of the Pinnacle product line to give you a simple, one-step solution to paint care. To achieve this, Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax uses fine cutting abrasives along with an infusion of carnauba. The result is an easy-to-use one-step cleaner wax that has the power to correct light swirls scratches and imperfections. As with any other Pinnacle protection product, the gloss and protection levels are worthy of Pebble Beach. Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax creates a deep, shimmering gloss that holds true to the Pinnacle name.

CORRECTS! Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax uses abrasives, not fillers, to remove paint imperfections.
Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax isnít a cover up or a body of fillers, itís a true correction product. Designed for light swirls and imperfections, Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax uses advanced abrasives to truly remove paint defects and leave a brilliant shine. With a clean and corrected surface, youíre giving your paint the best shine possible. Products built on fillers canít make the surface shine like Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax!

PROTECTS! Formulated with an infusion of Pinnacleís signature carnauba for gloss protection
It wouldnít have the Souveran name on the bottle if it didnít leave an award-winning shine. Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax is infused with Pinnacleís signature carnauba blend to create a deep, wet reflection that will shimmer in the light, and protect all day and night. The hydrophobic layer of protection will defend your paint from a wide array of contamination as well as water spotting.

DEEP, WET LOOK! Blended formulation creates a stunning shine that shimmers down the road!
When you combine the two key elements of Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax you get the recipe for an impeccable shine without the extra effort. Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax is a one-step solution to creating truly glossy finish. The fine abrasives work to remove paint defects and leave a flat, reflective surface for the best clarity. Then, the infusion of carnauba adds depth, gloss, and protection for the ultimate finish. Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax eliminates the need for multiple steps without sacrificing the results.


Before application, ensure the vehicle has been washed of any large debris and dried. Shake well and apply out of direct sunligh

Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax can be applied by hand or machine.


  • Using a foam polishing pad, apply to paint in an overlapping circular motion to one panel at a time. Use a soft microfiber buffing towel to remove excess product and buff to a high shine.


  • Pinnacle Souveran Jeweling Wax produces best results with a polishing or all-in-one foam pad. Apply several dime-sized drops of product onto your polishing pad. With the machine turned off, spread the product over a 2x2 sq. ft. area. Using moderate pressure, work the product over the area in overlapping passes. Slower passes increase ability to remove imperfections. Repeat if necessary. Buff off excess product with a soft microfiber buffing towel.

32 oz.

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