Pinnacle Black Label Polish

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Bring your paint up to Black Label standards!

Pinnacle Black Label Polish is light grade polish formulated with ultra-fine abrasives to remove fine swirls and scratches and provide the maximum amount of gloss. The fine abrasives and lubricant content found in Pinnacle Black Label Polish delivers a product that can work with some of the most challenging paint types.

Black paint, which can provide some of deepest gloss and reflection quality, also provides one of the biggest challenges. While this actually occurs on every paint color, the contrast with the black base coat make every blemish much more noticeable. This doesn't mean you'll be riding in a swill riddled ride, you just need to use the proper products to bring your paint back to the Black Label standard! Pinnacle Black Label Polish utilizes a blend of heat resistant abrasives that can withstand an enormous amount of friction without failing. This element of Pinnacle Black Label Polish ensures you can work longer on even harder paint types! For the best results, use Pinnacle Black Label Compound to remove deeper imperfections and follow up with Pinnacle Black Label Polish to create a flawless finish.

Directions for Use:

Black Label Polish can be used by hand or by machine, but for best results, use with a machine polisher. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Be sure the surface is fully washed and dried before polishing.

For use by hand: Apply three nickel-sized drops of product to a foam hand polishing pad and work in a back and forth, overlapping motion until product starts to dry. Wipe polish away using a clean, dry microfiber towel. Continue around vehicle.

For use by machine: Apply three nickel-sized drops of product to a foam polishing pad and using medium pressure on one panel at a time, work the product into the surface using a back and forth, overlapping motion. When product begins to dry, check your work and repeat if necessary. Continue until a high gloss is achieved.

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