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Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener removes stubborn dirt and soot from exhaust tips leaving them shiny and protected. This long-lasting formula adds the finishing touch to your perfectly polished vehicle with one easy step. With Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener, you can be sure that your vehicle will be a head turner from top to bottom! Every detailer knows that glossy, smooth paint makes any vehicle look great; detailers with more experience take extra time to dress tires and perfect the clarity of glass; seasoned detailers don't stop there, they make sure that every inch of the vehicle is detailed to perfection – including the exhaust tips! Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener is the perfect product to keep on hand for eliminating the unsightly soot, road grime, oil, and grease from exhaust tips leaving a mirror shine and a lasting layer of protection.
Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener brings them back to life
After treatment with Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener, these tips shine like new.
Before treatment with Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener, these exhaust tips are dull and splotchy
Before treatment, the exhaust tips on a 2007 BMW 335i sedan are dirty, dull, and splotchy.

Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener is true to the Pinnacle name offering a high-quality, all-natural formula that is environmentally friendly and safe to use. You'll especially appreciate the pleasant fragrance! The thick, creamy consistency of Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener makes it easy to work with. Blended with the finest all-natural cleaning agents, diatomaceous clay, and heat-resistant anti-corrosion ingredients, Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener is designed to effectively clean soot buildup, while adding a layer of long-lasting protection. Use Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener on polished, chrome, and bare exhaust tips and mufflers for an unmatched shine and completely detailed look. 5 oz.
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