P&S Leather Treatment - 16 oz.

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Experience the P&S premium leather finish

P&S Leather Treatment was developed to solve the various problems that leather encounters as it ages, as well as prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. P&S Leather Treatment is a conditioner and a protectant that works to infuse the natural oils that are lost over time while simultaneously coating the surface with UV inhibitors. Regardless of if you leather is weathered, P&S Leather Treatment will still use its unique formulation to penetrate the pores of the leather and infuse natural oils that diminish over time. Once completed the UV inhibitors work to ensure that those oils stay in place and the harsh rays of the sun won't be able to dry them out!

CONDITIONS! Restores the natural feel to weathered leather finishes!
The formula of P&S Leather Treatment prioritizes the infusion of natural oils to truly condition leather surfaces back to their original new finish. With leather being a natural material, it is extremely susceptible to its environment and can dry out it not cared for properly.

PROTECTS! Infused with UV inhibitors to protect your natural finish!
Part of keeping the natural oils of leather in the material is protection. Harsh UV rays can cause premature degradation and dry out the natural feel of leather. P&S Leather Treatment is infused with UV inhibitors to prevent this damage before it even starts. The protection properties of P&S Leather Treatment will help ensure you leather lives a long and healthy life!

REFRESHES! Leaves a fresh leather scent that lasts!
What more could you ask for out of a product that does so much? Well, P&S asked. And delivered! P&S Leather Treatment refreshes the natural leather scent that diminishes over time while leaving a clean, natural finish on the surface. You won't have to worry about an oily finish either. P&S Leather Treatment uses penetrative nourishing oils that make their way into the pores of the leather. This provides you dry, natural finish!

16 oz.

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