P&S Dynamic Dressing - Ready To Use - 16 oz.

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Dynamically crafted for all your needs!

P&S Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use provides a versatile solution for the plethora of materials found around the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Previously only available in a full concentrated gallon size, P&S Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use provides professionals and enthusiasts a chance to test drive a bestselling P&S product, and one of their most versatile products at that. Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use can be applied in layers to vary the shine on multiple surfaces. Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use works on a wide array of surfaces including interior trim, leather, vinyl, engine compartments, undercarriages, tires, and more!

VARIABLE GLOSS! Customize the level of gloss to your personal preference!
Do you prefer the high-gloss finish? Or are you more of a matte clean kind of detailer? Either way, P&S Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use has you covered! Apply a single layer to produce a statin shine and layer it up to match your personal preference of shine!

MULTI-SURFACE SOLUTION! Slim down your product line with a solution of most surfaces!
Why pack your shelves with multiple products when you can accomplish so much with just one. P&S Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use provides you with a multi-surface solution for that perfect final touch. P&S Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use is designed to be used on interior trim, leather, vinyl, engine compartments, undercarriages, tires, and more!

READY-TO-USE! Care for you ride with no mixing or measuring required!
You don't need to be a chef or a master mixer to make you ride look its best. P&S Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use, just as the name implies, is ready to work as soon as you are. Previously only offered in a heavily concentrated formula, P&S Dynamic Dressing Ready-To-Use was released to provide a ready to try version of one of their most popular products


  • Ensure the area you are applying P&S Dynamic Dressing is cleaned and dry before application.
  • Spray onto the surface or on a hand applicator.
  • Distribute evenly across the surface and allow product to dry for a few minutes.
  • Using a clean, dry microfiber towel, wipe away any excess material.

16 oz. - Ready to use formulation

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