P&S DRESSED Tire Finish - 128 oz.

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Ready to get DRESSED?!

P&S DRESSED Tire Finish is the P&S solution to dull tires and the silicone shortage. This water-based formulation utilizes polymers to mimic the shine of traditional solvent or silicone-based dressings. Since P&S DRESSED Tire Finish is water-based, it is 100% non-hazardous and can be applied with a brush or simply sprayed on. P&S DRESSED Tire Finish can be layered to adjust the level of shine you prefer. Use a single layer for more of a stain, natural shine. Or stack layers for an impeccable high gloss!

Is a tire dressing good for tires?

Yes! Tire dressings are not only about appearance, but they also serve as a protection. Wheels and tires encounter the most contamination since they are in close contact with the road. The mix of dirt and oils for roadways can lock on the porous surface of your tire. The polymer infused formulation of P&S DRESSED Tire Finish helps resist the impact of this contamination and keep your tires looking cleaner for longer!

Tire dressing vs tire shine:

Tire dressings typically allow you to vary the shine based on the layers you apply. Tire dressings have the ability to provide a satin, natural looking finish. Tire shines, just as the name implies, are designed to provide a wet, high gloss finish.

Is P&S DRESSED Tire Finish a Professional tire dressing?

Yes, P&S can be used by professionals and enthusiast that are seeking a quality option for a tire dressing. Since it's inception in 1961, P&S has catered to the professionals of the industry by making products that are easy to use and perform well too. Needless to say, it wasn't long until enthusiast started picking up on this!

How to apply P&S DRESSED Tire Finish:

  • Prior to applying DRESSED clean the surface with UNDRESSED or another high-quality tire cleaner.
  • Allow dry time for maximum dressing performance.
  • Spray apply or ideally apply with a soft bristled brush for controlled, uniform product application.
  • Allow product to set up and apply additional coating of dressed to achieve desired results if desired. Wipe off excess material if necessary

DRESSED is a ready to use product and should not be diluted.

128 oz.

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