Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine 128 oz.

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The most technologically advanced car wash system!

Ability to wash in your garage during cold winter months!

Can be used on Motorhomes, boats, and planes

Will reduce water usage to a fraction of a conventional car wash.

The latest Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine formula for 2012 offers greater slickness, ease of use, and protection!

Optimum Dilution Ratio
Optimum No Rinse Dilution Ratios

No Rinse™ Wash & Shine is the most technologically advanced car wash system that only requires 1-2 gallons of water to wash the entire car. No Rinse™ Wash & Shine does not require rinsing since there are no soapy surfactants to wash off into the storm drains.

This unique product contains substantive polymers which bond to the paint and protect it during the wash. Therefore, No Rinse™ Wash & Shine offers greater protection and lubricity than conventional car washes leaving a sleek & glossy finish behind afterwards. The waste water in the bucket can be used to water the lawn or disposed of into a sink, where it will be treated!

Additional benefits are faster washes, ability to wash anywhere at anytime including washing inside the garage during the cold months, no messy water runoffs, and greater looking car finishes. These are some of the reasons No Rinse™ Wash & Shine is being used by many professional detailers across the country (see testimonials).

No Rinse™ Wash & Shine can also be used to wash motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, and planes.


Add 1 oz. of Optimum No Rinse™ Wash & Shine to 2 gallons of water in a bucket. Soak a plush microfiber towel into the wash solution and wash one section at a time till it is completely clean. Dry the section using a clean plush microfiber towel.

Available in 8, 32, and 128 ounce bottles.

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By Josh/ExpressClean
Richlands , Virginia
Nothing Negative You Can Say!
April 23, 2021
I'm an avid user of ONR as I operate my own professional mobile Auto Detailing Service called ExpressClean. This product is so much more than a rinseless wash, even though it's the best at that process you could ever use. I use it diluted with water only as a window cleaner, vinyl and rubber Protectant, fabric UV protectant and a waterless wash. Read the bottle and read the reviews and watch the YouTube videos but know this..... It actually does everything people describe of it and more.
  • Can be used as a multiple use product
  • Doesnt dry on car easily in the direct sun
  • Pleasant smell
  • Gallon value is tremendous
  • Very versatile
  • None
By Ewack
San Diego
April 3, 2021
ONR... I read about it and bought a gallon in 2018. This was after buying a black Lexus. Yes, the paint is as soft as everyone says. I ended up using the product in a "Garry Dean" method with kirkland MFs, without a prerinse... and then dried with kirkland MFs, without a drying aid. After a few years of weekend detailing and reflecting on my past processes I found ONR did indeed help prevent wash induced swirls. A closing word of advice to those just getting into detailing, be wary of your drying methods and tools.
By Michael
Very useful and multi-purpose product
January 27, 2021
Has a variety of uses (quick detailer, waterless wash, added lubricity to standard car wash...) and is great at each use case! Also smells nice which is an added bonus.
By nick
Can't go wrong
April 27, 2020
They're very versatile product smells great works great can't go wrong with it.
By John
What's not to love?
March 5, 2019
I use this for so many things it's crazy. And it smells great. Not only do I use this as a no-rinse wash, but I use it to clean door jambs, interior wipedowns, clay lube, and a little bit in my wash water to soften the water to avoid leaving spots on the paint when the sun hits it. It's great!
By Success D.
Ames, IA
Just buy it use it and love it
February 28, 2019
ONR is my go-to for just about every part of a car. I can preload my buckets with onr solution drive to the customer's location and wash a car with no access to water. Great for quick wipedowns of interiors and glass. I wash my cars 1/4 panel at a time to prevent drying and spotting.
  • use on 99% of modern cars.
  • smells like weak Redbull
By Hoosier D.
Northwest Indiana
Go to for rinseless
December 16, 2018
The industry standard for rinseless wash. I've tried numerous others and they don't compare!
  • 256:1 water to mix ratio. One gallon will make 256 gallons of product. Can be diluted at other mixes for waterless wash, clay lube or quick detailer.
  • None in my opinion
By Brian
glendale heights, IL
Awesome stuff!!
October 10, 2018
Best rinseless wash I've ever used. leaves no streaks IME ...works great and smells great! thumbs up
  • ease of use, smell, and one ounce per every 2 oz. This stuff will last you!
  • none
By Brandon W.
Palm Springs, CA
Makes Mobile Detailing Possible in SoCal
September 10, 2018
If you want to use a pressure washer and soap in CA you have to have equipment to reclaim your water etc. With ONR I get in gated communities where you are not even allowed to use a hose. I use 3 gallons, wash the car, pour the 3 gallons into the wheel bucket and use dedicated wheel towels to do the wheels, tires etc. No scratches and customers are impressed,
  • Use anywhere, even when its 120 out and you're sweating in the garage
  • Faster washing
  • softens the water, we have hard water here that will spot your car if you wash it in the sun
  • 40 per gal is still expensive
By Ed
Springboro, Ohio
Leaves no streaks, only gloss!
September 1, 2018
My black Suburban was in need of a wash; it had been waxed about three weeks ago, but had been driven through a couple of rainstorms, so the finish showed more than a bit of road film. I just received this gallon of ONR from Autopia, so I knew this was a prime candidate for a test run! Armed with my ONR mixed 1oz to 2gal of distilled water, and the BRS (big red sponge), I set to work. I was channeling Yvan LaCroix as I applied the BSR to the surfaces, not presing into the paint, but letting the sponge carry the ONR across the panels. I then got a double twistress MF towel and sopped up the encapsulated and suspended grime. That left a streak-free glossy result like I have NEVER seen after using a rinseless wash! I have used several rinseless concentrates that are popular on the market, and they have their merits, but none have been so easy to finish than this stuff! Not even the ONRWW (the green wash 'n wax) is this effective. I cleaned that 2008 Black Suburban from roof to exhaust pipe in 35 minutes, and it looks like I spent at least an extra hour polishing it! I've included some pictures, and you can see the wall signs that are 13 feet away in reflection of the Suburban. I'll be using this product for my go-to from now on!
  • easy to work with,
  • used only two gallons of water (actually I still have over a gallon of unused ONR in the bucket to use on my other cars!)
  • dries streak-free
  • leaves a nice gloss
  • none!
By Ronald
Hesperia, CA
My to go for almost everything
February 23, 2018
ONR is my favorite detailing product. It works really good for rinseless wash and it works really good as a glass cleaner and interior cleaner too. Will always order more when i run low.
  • None
By Don K.
Garfield, AR
Best car and boat cleaning product I have ever used...
January 29, 2018
I have used Optimum No Rinse Car Wash routinely on my cars and boats for several years. This product works on fiberglass gelcoat, glass, upholstery, and rubber. The boat or car sparkles, and resists water. I have also used the product to wash house windows, and found it far better and more efficient than Windex or other glass cleaners. It is so easy to use, and obviously eliminates the need for rinsing. This allows me to keep my boats in great condition, while sitting on a boat hoist. I can’t recommend this product enough, and now my whole family uses it too.
By Tom
Saratoga, CA
Incredible and versatile product, great value
June 29, 2017
ONR is hands down the most used product in my inventory. It saves a ton of money by replacing other products (quick detailer, window cleaner, clay solution, etc). Also extremely useful for hot climates where one might worry about soap drying on the car; you can leave this stuff baking in 100 degree heat for half an hour, and it wipes right off with a little water, leaving no water spots!
By Raymoche
great value
November 17, 2016
Don't let the price fool you, this product is extremely versatile, and can be used for so many things.
  • multi purpose use based on dilution ratio.
  • may stain wash media slightly blue
By Richard
Quality at it's best
September 26, 2016
I had the Opti- coat treatment put on my new BMW' . The shine can not be produced by any wax and the treatment on the body lasts for five years with proper care. To wash, I hose off the dirt and dust, then wash the car with this product using micro fiber gloves, the pat down the water drops left on with micro-fiber towels.
  • If there are any micro scratches, this wash will cover them and seems to bond with the special coating. The wash and dry back to the super shine takes under thirty minutes.
  • I have found no cons.
By The d.
Chicago Illinois
March 31, 2016
So far so good in using it with the brs and optiseal! It's looking really good