Optimum Opti-Lens Permanent Headlight Coating

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Includes poly-foam applicator!

Optimum Opti-Lens Headlight Coating protects your headlights from the ravages of sunlight exposure. The polycarbonate construction of a vehicle's headlight is particularly sensitive to UV exposure. Over time they will yellow, cloud and fade. Developed by car care expert and former PPG Polymer Chemist Dr. David Ghodoussi, Optimum Opti-Lens creates a unique co-polymer & acrylic resin shell over headlight lenses to prevent oxidation and fading. Your headlights remain clear and sharp, improving your nighttime visibility and your vehicle's aesthetic appearance. Optimum Opti-Lens Headlight Coating is perfect for new and refinished headlight lenses.

New headlights have a protective film that helps prevent UV damage. Unfortunately this film is quickly removed by polishing, chemical exposure and in some cases, washing. On brand new vehicles, Opti-Lens will adhere to the factory-applied film to increase its life span. On refinished headlights, where the coating has failed and has been removed do to polishing, Opti-Lens will bond directly to the polycarbonate finish. Previously, refinishing headlights and adding a protective film meant using professional grade products and expensive UV curing lamps. Optimum Opti-Lens gives professional results without the use of specialized tools, making it perfect for the professional or at home user.

If your headlight's lenses are cloudy, oxidized, or yellow you most refinish them first prior to application. Apply Optimum Opti-Lens directly to the headlight using a poly foam applicator or Optimum Dual Pro Applicator. Work a small amount of product over the lens using overlapping passes until it appears to melt into the lens and disappear. Remove any streaks or high spots with a soft microfiber towel. Optimum Opti-Lens takes approximately 30 minutes to cure before it can be exposed to water. Allow 24 hours to pass before washing or cleaning with pressure.

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