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Say goodbye to dirt, grime, and stains forever. Introducing Nonsense Super Premium All Surface Cleaner, the world's first all-surface super cleaner engineered to be colorless and odor-free for maximum cleaning power on any surface. Nothing tackles the toughest dirt and stains on any surface like the amazing cleaning power of Nonsense Super Premium All Surface Cleaner. The unmatched formula of naturally derived citrus extracts combined with pH balanced odor-free cleaning power makes Nonsense Super Premium All Surface Cleaner the perfect solution for all your surface cleaning needs. Spray and wipe and say goodbye to stains forever. Best of all it smells like nothing. ZERO SCENT means everything is clean and everyone is happy! Fastest & strongest spot and stain remover. A dirt and grease extractor removes the stain fast and forever. Highly concentrate dilute according to needs. Smile it's easy and people will like you more. Directions for Use: 1. Always test fabric/fiber for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.
2. Dilute according to desired needs (approximately 20:1 or as needed).
3. Apply to stained area. Allow to penetrate 10-60 seconds.
4. Blot with a clean absorbent cloth.
5. In a matter of seconds the specially formulated cleaning agents emulsify the stain and the while the surfactants to unlock the soil from the fabric and suspend the dirt in the liquid.
6. When you blot with a clean dry cloth, the liquid containing the stain transfers to the cloth. 16 oz This product cannot ship internationally.
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