Nextzett Bug And Tar Remover - 500 ml

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Bugs on paint is like Lettuce in teeth. They don't belong!!

Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug +Tar Remover is like a “pre-treatment" for your paintwork prior to washing. The Anti-Insekt contains special cleaners that will loosen the insect guts and grime off your paint, chrome, glass, rubber, and plastic gently and safely with the need for harsh chemicals that could damage your exterior.

Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover doesn't require any surface scratching bug sponges. There are 3 simple steps to take the bugs and tar right off: Spray Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover onto the area, wait about 3 minutes to let the product work it's magic, and spray off with a hose. This formula does not contain any enzymes that will irritate the skin. It is biodegradable, formalin-free, and environmentally safe (except for the bugs).

As insects decompose, they will produce an acid that will eat into your automotive paint. Over time, they will leave permanent etchings. Sometimes, using other harsh bug and tar removers on the market will do more damage than good. Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover is a different type of product. This will eliminate the guts and grime off the car without the harsh chemicals that propose a threat to the paint.

Pre-treat your car's paintwork by loosening stubborn dirt and grime before you wash the vehicle. Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover is a safe solution to insects and other sticky road grime.

It's time for those bugs to bug off with Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug +Tar Remover

16.9 oz (500 ml)

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