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Poorboy’s World Natty’s Paste Wax – Red 8 oz.

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Item Description:

Limited edition Natty’s Red Paste Wax

High gloss carnauba car wax.

Contains UV absorbers to help prevent oxidation.

Poorboy’s World Natty’s Red Paste Wax is a high gloss, high grade carnauba wax. It enhances all paint colors and all types of paint. This red version of Poorboy’s original carnauba car wax is reflective, easy to apply, and provides quality paint protection.

Poorboy’s World Natty’s Red Paste Wax contains UV absorbers and real carnauba wax to protect auto paint from oxidation and fading. With regular use, your vehicle will keep its vibrant color and brilliant gloss.

In true Poorboy’s fashion, Poorboy’s World Natty’s Red Paste Wax can be applied in sun or shade. It’s easy to wipe and off. For the best results use a microfiber towel to buff off Poorboy’s World Natty’s Red Paste Wax. Maintain the shine with Poorboy’s World Quick Detailer Plus.

8 oz.

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Product Reviews

Poorboy’s World Natty’s Paste Wax – Red 8 oz.
5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
Fort Myers, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice deep glow
November 29, 2016
I bought this to try out on my white mustang and I love it. A little goes a long way. The shine and glow is nice too.
goes on easy and don't need very much to coat the car.
If you put it on too thick it doesn't seem to flash and come off as easy.

Joliet, IL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just as good as the blue!
December 12, 2015
I recently purchased the Poorboy's World Blue Wax and was extremely happy with it, so I decided to order the Red Wax as well. Same great shine, incredible smell, and as the blue one was, it's easy to work with. There are probably no better waxes for the price.
Easy to use, leaves a deep shine, smells great, great price for the size container

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Worth Every Penny
July 10, 2015
This was my first experience with a paste wax and my first Poorboy's World detailing product. Very impressed with this wax. Incredibly easy application and smells fantastic. The car it was used on is garaged 80% of the year, and this was used as a second coat over a synthetic wax. So I can't comment on durability. That said, the application was easy and the overall result was incredible. Absolutely worth the money, don't be fooled by the plain packaging, this is a quality product.
* Easy application * Smells amazing. Seriously * Incredible depth when used on a red car
* Makes you hungry for strawberry shortcake * Removal required a little more effort than some other carnubas

rotonda, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Bright Bling
September 17, 2014
Bright shine, super slick !! Easy to use

Dayton, Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I like this wax.
July 11, 2012
Just as stated, easy on and easy off. Wax left a very deep, wet look on my 51 Ford street rod.
The smell is nice, but the deep, wet finish is even better.

Johnsburg, IL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

PB's makes another masterpiece
April 19, 2012
Natty's Red is just as amazing at the other poorboys waxes! The price is outstanding for a product that can easly get 2-3 months protection with a prepared surface! I am someone who when it comes to waxes believes that if the wax is a particular color it should be apply to that color range (Red paste to yellow, reds, blues, orange or deep color etc). I think it provides some extra depth to the paint when wax colors match paint colors. Wax even smells like strawberries! This product is simple easy on, easy off and can even be used in the sun! This is a must have wax. Use after a PBs sealant and you can't go wrong!
Price. Easy On Easy Off Smells like strawberries! Can use in the sun!