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Nanoskin Autoscrub Fine Foam Pad 4 inch – 2 Pack

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Item Description:

For quick and gentle paint cleaning in hard-to-reach areas!

Works with a DA polisher to reduce claying time significantly

Lasts up to 4 times longer than clay bars

Washable and reusable, you can even drop it on the ground

The Nanoskin AutoScrub 4” Fine Grade Foam Pads turn your Random Orbital DA Polisher into a powerful paint cleaning tool! Spend less time and effort getting the showroom finish you deserve! The Nanoskin AutoScrub 4” Fine Grade Foam Pads use the latest in gentle advanced rubber polymer technology to replicate the paint cleaning action of a fine clay bar while taking advantage of time saving ability of a machine polisher. The result is perfectly clean paint, ready for polishing or waxing, without breaking a sweat! The 4” design allows easy access to the hard-to-reach areas found on most new cars.

Shortly after leaving the factory, your vehicle is bombarded with airborne pollutants and contaminants that ruin the smooth feel of paint, limit its shine, and prevent waxes and paint sealants from bonding properly. In the old days, body shops and detailers would use aggressive compounds and a wool pad to clean the paint. Next, natural and synthetic clay bars where developed to clean contamination and overspray. Detailing clay is still the tool of choice, and for good reason. You can clean your paint without damaging it, unlike the compounds of yesterday.

The Nanoskin AutoScrub 4” Fine Grade Foam Pads are the next generation in paint cleaning. It works much like detailing clay, but with several advantages. They attach to your Random Orbital DA Polisher the same way a polishing pad does. This two pack of pads works perfectly with the dual head Cyclo Polisher as well! The rubber polymer side acts in the same manner as fine (consumer) detailing clay, safely removing contamination and pollutant from the paint. The Nanoskin AutoScrub 4” Fine Grade Foam Pads last up to four times longer than traditional detailing clay and rinses clean in water. Drop one of them on the ground? No problem, rinse off and keep working!

Wash and dry your car completely. Attach the Nanoskin AutoScrub 4” Fine Grade Foam Pads to your Random Orbital DA Polisher using a 3.5 inch backing plate. Work a section at a time on low speed (1-2) and use light pressure. Mist diluted Nanoskin Glide (or your favorite clay lubricant) on the section and work in overlapping passes until the paint is smooth. Wipe away residue with a soft, clean microfiber towel before moving to the next section.

Note: These are the fine grade AutoScrub Foam Pads, designed to remove light to moderate contamination quickly. For more stubborn contamination consider using the medium grade AutoScrub Foam Pads.

2 Pack

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Nanoskin Autoscrub Fine Foam Pad 4 inch – 2 Pack