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Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel

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Item Description:

Cleans and dries your the dirtiest parts of your vehicle.

Waffle Weave design is super absorbent.

Satin edges reduce the chance for hazing or swirl marks.

16 x 20 inches.

The Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel is a handy towel that combines a durable waffle-weave design with a compact size for drying difficult areas such as door jambs, hatches and wheels. Able to absorb 8 times its weight in liquids, it can do the tough jobs yet is gentle to your vehicle's finish thanks to its soft satin edging. The specialty drying towel of choice for enthusiasts everywhere, Mothers® Wheel & Jamb Towel is lint-free, clear coat-safe and will not harm painted, chromed or polished surfaces.

16 x 20 inches.

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Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel