Mothers Waterless Wash and Wax

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Mothers Waterless Wash & Wax is Mothers addition to the waterless wash craze. BUT, they've done more than just the basics. Instead of just a plain Jane spray wash, Mothers Waterless Wash & Wax will leave a sparkling clean and waxed surface! The ultra-slick formula grabs dirt and grime, making it easier to use a microfiber towel and wipe them away without harming the paint. With recent weather conditions, there seems to be more waterless washes out on the market these days. Unfortunately though, some of these products can do more harm than good. When not enough lubricants are used in the formula, dirt and other grime is just swirled around on the paint instead of safely removed. Mothers Waterless Wash & Wax has been specifically formulated NOT to do this, leaving your finish swirl free. Mothers took their waterless wash one step further by adding a wax to the formula, effectively naming Mothers Waterless Wash & Wax a 2-in-1 product! When Mothers Waterless Wash & Wax is sprayed onto a vehicle, it gently removes the dirt, but when you wipe the product away, you're leaving behind a Mothers shine! Using Mothers Waterless Wash & Wax really is as easy as spray and wipe. Simply spray a small section of paint with a liberal amount of product. Using your plushest microfiber towel, spread the product evenly over the paint's surface. This removes the dirt and dust and traps it in the microfiber towel's thick nap. With a new microfiber towel thoroughly buff the paint to a high gloss. Now repeat on the whole car! Mothers Waterless Wash & Wax is a worthy addition to the waterless wash selection and you won't regret waiting for it to come along! 24 oz.
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