32 oz. Mothers Professional Ultra Finishing Polish

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Shiny paint comes from smooth paint. If your vehicle has swirls, oxidation, towel marks, car wash scratches, hazing, or holograms, the shine is being hindered by the fact that light isnít being perfectly reflected off the surface. Instead, when light hits the surface it is being scattered all over the place. When paint is perfectly smooth light reflects in one direction which equals a brilliant luster. Mothers makes achieving this type of shine possible with the Professional Paint Restoration System. First, tackle tough scratches and oxidation with Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound, then refine the surface with Mothers Professional Ultra Finishing Polish prior to waxing!


  • Shake well before and during use. Begin with a cool, dry surface. Make sure to polish one area at a time. Do not dry.
  • Apply enough polish to buff a small area. To maximize slinging, start machine slowly and work the product in, or spread the product over the area with the buffing pad before starting machine.
  • Buff at desired speed using light to medium pressure.
  • Reduce pressure as the product begins to dry.
  • Clean pad regularly to reduce clogging the pad.
  • Wipe surface clean with a soft, dry microfiber or terry cloth towel.

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