Mothers Ultra Soft Quick Detail Towel

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Mothers knows fluffy towels make shiny paint!

Satin edges prevent swirl marks and hazing.

Plush nap is ideal for using spray products.

20 x 24 inches.

Mothers Ultra Soft Quick Detail Towel features a two-sided dual-nap design with a long, deep-split pile on one side to trap and hold dirt away from your paint. Use the long nap for the initial wipe-down and the shorter nap to buff to a brilliant shine. Its soft satin edging will not scratch even the most delicate surfaces. Can also be used with spray wax, glass cleaner, protectant and other spray products. The detailing towel of choice for enthusiasts everywhere, Mothers® Ultra-Soft Quick Detail Towel is lint-free, clear coat-safe and will not harm painted, chromed or polished surfaces.

20 x 24 inches.

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