Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher

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Big Power - Little Package!

The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher is the ideal tool for precision detailing! The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher was designed to work in the smaller and more constricted areas that are normally neglected. And what’s even worse is that those neglected spots are usually more damaged than the rest of the vehicle! Fear not, The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher packs plenty of power to handle anything you can throw at it!

The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher is a rotary tool capable of reaching speeds up to 8300 RPM and is built with a variable speed control for you to fine tune exactly how much power you need. Package that with the 2 – 12V Li-Ion batteries and the 110V charger and that means there is no need to play with extension cords and no need to stay close to a power outlet. That makes this a perfect pair for mobile detailers or if you just want to do some “off-grid” polishing.

Speaking of how versatile the power and power supply is, the Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher can also utilize an assortment of brushes that have a 5/16 - 24 threading. This unlocks the ability to power scrub tires, machine scrub carpets and upholstery, or give a deep cleaning to neglected plastic trim.

With so many versatile features packed into its ergonomic design, you’ll wonder how you detailed without it!

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