Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz.

Item Description:

Clean and rejuvenate your microfiber with Micro-Restore!

Designed to deep clean microfiber gently.

Maintains microfibers original softness

Releases grime, oil, polish, and wax residues.

Micro-Restore is the solution to maintaining the performance of your microfiber towels, use after use, wash after wash. Microfiber towels are machine washable. Many are washed with regular detergents which cannot break down the wax, oil, and polish residue that microfibers trap. Micro-Restore allows the microfiber to release these residues safely with a special blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, chelating agents, and water softeners. Many regular wash soaps have added softeners or scents that clog microfiber's heavily textured surface. Micro-Restore does not. It keeps microfiber towels performing like new!

Clean and restore microfiber towels with Micro-Restore!

32 oz.

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100% Recommend this product (14 of 14 responses)
By Bernice
Galveston, TX
Micro-restore microfiber detergent concentrate
May 8, 2020
Works & cleans good on my microfiber towels.
  • Cleans towels good. Better than regular detergent.
  • None
By Andrew
The Best!
September 5, 2019
This is the best detergent Iíve used out of 5 other high quality brands. Iíll get the gallon size next time!
By Richard
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Microfiber detergent
June 24, 2019
It washes microfiber towels so well, but do not uses less than what it supposes to use at each wash
By Matt
Best microfiber restorer I have found.
August 29, 2018
I have tried a couple different products, and have found this to be the real deal. I usually wash warm, heavy duty wash, then air toss to dry my microfiber and it has lasted much longer then using anything else.
  • great bottle to easily dispense the correct amount.
Cedar Rapids, IA
Works great!
December 19, 2017
This stuff works great, keeps my towels soft and plush!
  • Works great!
  • None
By Jeff
November 12, 2016
Great product. Makes my microfibers feel like new again.
By Yulius
Edmonds, WA
Best bang for the buck MF Cleaner
June 18, 2016
Can't beat the price!! It works, though I haven't try the PBMG ones.
  • It works
  • Cheap
  • None
By Chris
Seattle, WA
My favorite MF detergent
January 23, 2016
You're probably asking yourself if this is any different from a Free & Clear detergent you can buy from Walmart. I honestly think it does leave my towels cleaner and softer than store bought detergent.

While it may be expensive relative to store bought detergent, you do use less per load.

Buy in the 128oz size for best value!
  • Leaves towels clean and soft
  • Best of the dedicated MF detergents
  • Price but buy the 128oz for best value
By Philip
San Diego, CA
Dedicated detergent for expensive MF towels
April 29, 2015
I just spent a good amount on some high quality MF towels and I expect to use them for a long time so I wanted the assurance that the detergent I used was going to keep them clean and soft. Micro-Restore seems to be doing that so far. I've done about 10-15 loads so far and my MF towels look great. My higher quality towels for waterless washes and QD sprays still look new and feel soft even with the hard water here. I've even done a few loads of really dirty towels used on wheels and door jambs and even they came out clean and stain-free. I'll continue to use this stuff even though it's pricier than regular detergent. Worth the peace of mind.
  • Very effective. Towels come out stain free.
  • Super handy measuring compartment in the bottle.
  • Pretty economical. Only need 2 oz per load
  • A little pricey but still worth it.
By EVOlved
Cleans well
September 6, 2014
Micro-restore does a good job at cleaning lightly soiled towels and the towels do come out feeling fluffy. It doesn't do a fantastic job with say wheel or tire towels that have dressing on them or getting fairly soiled. So like other reviewers have stated hitting them with some apc first goes a long way.
  • Does good for paint towels
  • Can't tackle the real dirty ones alone
By Sal A.
New Jersey
Best Detergent for your Better Microfiber Towels
July 29, 2014
I have been using this product for a couple of years and I will say you really get more life and use out of your higher quality towels. I mainly use this detergent for my "Big Blue" drying towels. It really makes a difference.
  • Does what it says it can do for your towels over conventional soap detergent.
  • Pricey.
By Jon
Bella Vista, Arkansas
Micro-Restore Cleans and Freshes
January 2, 2013
Washed my microfiber clothes that I had applied spray wax, removed paste wax, and cleaned the interiors of cars.
the microfiber clothes came out clean and seemed to "fluff up" the material. Also there was no waxy residue left behind in the washing machine.
  • No residue in the washing machine.
  • Washed the wax and dirt out of fabric.
  • Made the microfiber feel new.
  • Didn't remove dirt and grease stains from previous washings.
By Chris
Overall it does what it should
April 18, 2012
Micro-Restore is great for helping clean your dirty microfibers along with getting some stains out. It easly cleans the recently dirty or lightly soiled. It however loses a star against tougher stains. For those soak your microfibers in APC and then wash with Micro-restore.
  • Price
  • Overall good cleaning (read dislike)
  • For tougher stains soak towels in APC first.
By Michael
Round Rock, TX
Best Cleaner
April 18, 2012
If you have really dirty MFs or pads, this is the product for you. Not the softest texture but really cleans. Sometimes, you need that.
  • Cleans extremely well