Metro Blaster SideKick - 25 ft. Cord

Item Description:

Manufactured right here in the U.S.A

All-steal construction for ultimate durability

Powerful 1000 watt motor pushing tons of warm, filtered air

Lightweight for comfort and ease of use

The perfect companion for touchless drying!

The Metro Blaster Sidekick is the safest and fastest way to dry your car, truck, or motorcycle! With a flick of the wrist, you can safely blast water of your vehicle with warm, filtered air. This quick and effective method removes water fast and ensures you paint stays safe, since you donít even need to touch it! Even better, the Metro Blaster Sidekick can reach in all those places you just canít fit a drying towel. Itís the perfect way to expel water from side-view mirrors, door jambs, body seams, grills, headlights, engine bays, and more! Packed in this tiny steal frame is a powerful 1000 watt motor to provide you with more than enough power to dry any vehicle you put in front of it!

ALL-STEAL CONSTRUCTION! The Metro Blaster Sidekick is the most rugged little dryer youíll meet!
To protect the powerful internal motor and ensure to longest lifespan possible, Metrovac packed all this drying power into an all-steal frame. While you never want to drop precious tools like the Metro Blaster Sidekick, you can feel a little better knowing that it is well protected in the event of a mishap.

POWERFUL! This mini powerhouse pushes out a massive amount of air!
Pound for pound, this little dryer packs the biggest punch! The Metro Blaster Sidekick delivers the same power you would expect from a full-size dryer, without the bulk. This featherweight weighs in at just about 3 pounds and pushes an impressive 18,000 feet of warm, filtered air per minute!

SAFE! You canít put swirls or scratches in if you never touch the paint!
Touchless translates to safety when you talk about paint care. Soft, delicate finishes are more susceptible to fine scratches whenever you come into contact with the surface, regardless of how soft your microfiber towels are. The Metro Blaster Sidekick provides you with a simple and easy way to perform touchless drying right in the comfort of your driveway!


  • 25' Cord
  • Air Volume: 160MPH/85CFM
  • Air Speed: 18,000 FPM
  • HP Motor: 1.3
  • Amps: 8
  • Volts: 120
  • Watts: 1000
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Deliberately made better in the USA!

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