Vac N' Blo 4 Wheel Dolly

Vac N' Blo 4 Wheel DollyDiscontinued

The Vac Ní Blo, manufactured by Metro Vac, is designed to be light weight so you can carry it by the handy shoulder strap with ease. This works great when you are using it to blow leaves or dry your bike, but itís not as convenient for vacuuming your vehicle. Now Metro Vac offers the 4 Wheel Dolly, made especially for the Vac Ní Blo. The dolly is designed to adhere to the bottom of the Vac Ní Blo so you can pull it with you as you move around your vehicle or garage. The coated metal frame and heavy duty plastic wheels make the dolly virtually indestructible. And itís lightweight, so you can still carry the Vac Ní Blo. If you want to remove the wheels temporarily, just pull the dolly off; its attached by strong VELCROģ brand fasteners strips. Metro Vac just made a great product even better with the Vac Ní Blo 4 Wheel Dolly.