Menzerna PO85U Final Finish - FF 3000

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The original Menzerna polish for a perfect finish!

Non dusting formula with long work times makes swirl free finishes easy to achieve.

The perfect choice to follow Menzerna Power Gloss on fresh paint.

Can be applied with a dual-action orbital or rotary polisher.

Menzerna PO85U Final Finish is the original high gloss finishing solution for professional body repair shops. Menzerna PO85u Final Finish is the perfect compliment to PowerGloss for a two-step buffing process on fresh paints or as an easy to use finishing polish on cured paint. Using a high concentration of the finest quality aluminum oxide abrasive, any buffing marks from aggressive polishing or light swirl makrs are completely eliminated, leaving a beautiful high-gloss finish that is ready to deliver to your most demanding customers or yourself.
Menzerna Final Finish levels imperfections, leaving a high gloss, swirl-free finish on all paint types.
Final Finish can be used with a rotary or dual action polisher after using a more aggressive compound to restore maximum gloss and clarity to the finish.


The finely milled abrasives leave no dusting even with the higher performance of a concentrated formula. This performance edge will allow you finish the job faster without any compromise, reducing time and increasing efficiency. Menzerna PO85u Final Finish has a long work time and does not sling so you can spend more time enjoying the shine and less time cleaning up your mess.

Use Menzerna PO85u Final Finish to create a swirl free finish on fresh or cured paint systems. Use a small amount of polish with a soft finishing pad and longer work times to achieve best results with a dual-action orbital or rotary polisher.

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