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Menzerna Control Cleaner

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Item Description:

Remove dust, residue, and finger prints with ease

Silicone free detail spray that is completely body shop safe.

Will not remove wax or sealant protection.

Simply mist on the surface and wipe with a soft microfiber cloth.

Menzerna Control Cleaner removes polishing oils, revealing the true finish of the surface you just polished.
Top Inspection removes polishing oils, revealing the true finish of the surface you just polished.


Menzerna Control Cleaner eliminates one of the challenges of ensuring complete defect removal by giving the user the ability to inspect the surface for any areas requiring additional polishing. Since the polishing process itself can mask these remaining areas with compound residue it is necessary to completely clean the surface. Menzerna Control Cleaner was developed specifically for this purpose.

Menzerna Control Cleaner contains no silicone, is completely safe for use in paint areas, body shops, and finessing areas. It is perfect for new car showrooms to eliminate fingerprints, dirt, dust and grime and will leave a perfect finish.

To get the best results from Menzerna Control Cleaner, spray directly onto a cool panel out of direct sunlight. Using a plush microfiber towel, spread the product over the desired area and then flip to a clean, dry side of the microfiber towel and buff off any remaining residue.

16 oz.

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Product Reviews

Menzerna Control Cleaner
3 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Does what it should.
September 6, 2014
Top Inspection does what it should removes all oils after a polishing session so you can get your LSP to bond to some nice clean paint. It does have a relatively heavy chemical smell which is noticeable. The sprayer sends out a nice extremely fine mist which is really nice to conserve product. I'm deducting two stars for two things one being the price, CarPro Eraser which is a very similar product is a fair amount less expensive and doesn't have the chemical smell and also improves upon number two as well. Number two is that it doesn't seem to add much lubricity which I feel is pretty much a must since I have just spent my time making it look perfect I don't want to instill marring in the paint from the MF towel not having any lubrication.
Does what it says it should
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