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Meguiars D115 Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax 128 oz.

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Item Description:

To wash and protect!

Clean all exterior surfaces without rinsing

Protect all exterior surfaces without waxing

Biodegradable detergents or eco-friendly

Meguiars Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax cleans and protects all exterior surfaces without the need for a hose or running or water. Biodegradable detergents allow you to clean your vehicle with minimal water use and little environmental impact. Not only does washing your vehicle with Meguiars Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax save time, but it saves valuable resources.

Rinseless washes have become popular for many reasons. More areas have heavy water restrictions which limit the amount of water that is used while washing your vehicle. Meguiars Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax allows you to safely wash your vehicle with less than four gallons. If you live in an apartment or other building where running water isn't always available, you will appearance the take-anywhere ability of Meguiars Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax.

Meguiars Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax not only cleans your vehicle but it also encases your paint, glass, and trim in a tough, protective wax shell. Meguiars Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax creates a high-gloss shine with high levels of water beading. Not only will you save time and water, you will protect your paint with every wash.

128 oz.

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Product Reviews

Meguiars D115 Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax 128 oz.
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Fresno, CA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wax Residue
March 3, 2016
This product cleans and shines well but in my experience the wax residue is difficult to remove. My red Boss 302 looked great. However at certain angles under certain lighting conditions I could tell that there was a film left behind. I just got a black GT350 last week. I used this as a rinseless wash yesterday. It cleaned well but today in the garage I could detect the telltale wax film. If my new car weren't black I would continue using this product, but it is so I'm not.
cleans and shines well
leaves stubborn film, noticeable on dark colors

San Diego, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best waterless wash so far
September 10, 2015
Been using Opti-Clean and ONRWW mostly but after one use of D115, I'm already a convert. Good cleaning ability, very slick when wiping and the gloss and slickness left behind rivals that of a fresh coat of OCW. More important to me, it hardly streaked even in high temps and on hot paint surfaces and even glass. 1:8 dilution works well making it pretty economical. Smells great too!
Cleaning ability Slickness and gloss Streak-free even on glass Smell
A bit more expensive than competitors but worth it

Ames, IA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

must try!
November 20, 2014
This is a gallon size ultimate wash and wax anywhere! Easy to use and leave a swirl free finish! Highly recommend
swirl free good smell (blueberry)