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Meguiars Wall Banner, 56" x 34"

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Display your devotedness and passion for car care with the Meguiars Wall Banner! This massive 56" x 34" wall banner proudly displays one of the most recognizable names in car care. Meguiars manufactures what many consider to be the best car waxes and polishes, with the recently introduced Ultimate line leading the way in surface car enhancement. The Meguiars Wall Banner allows you to prominently display your passion for car care so everyone else can see that you’re a car crazed enthusiast.

The Meguiars Wall Banner is constructed out of ultra rugged nylon canvas and it includes four grommets so you can precisely mount it on your garage or shop wall for a professional looking appearance. When friends or customers see that you display a banner featuring the trademarked red and yellow symbol of one of the most reputable names in car care, they’ll know that their vehicle is in good hands.

Keep your garage or shop walls looking as good as the cars you detail with the Meguiars Wall Banner!

56" x 34"

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Meguiars Wall Banner, 56" x 34"