Meguiar's Ultimate Snow Foam - 32 oz.

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Extreme Clean Wash!

Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam is a pH-neutral alternative to other powerful washes. The rich lather created by Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam clings to the surface for increased dwell time and to loosen stubborn road grime. This, along with the heavy concentration of lubrication agents in Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam, ensures that you have a strong, yet safe washing experience. Surprisingly, even with the intense cleaning power of Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam you won’t have to worry about losing your protection. Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam is engineered specifically to clean coated, waxed, or sealed surfaces without stripping off your protection!

pH NEUTRAL! Clings to clean and won’t strip waxes, sealants, or coatings!
You don’t have to do a full detail every time you wash. At least with Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam you won’t. Formulated with your existing protection in mind, the pH-neutral wash removes unwanted contamination without impacting the performance of your current protection. Whether you’re a fan of the rich carnauba or the glassy look of a ceramic coating, Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam is the wash for you!

EXTREME CLING! Sticks to the surface to loosen road grime for an easy wash!
Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam creates a rich lather of foam that resembles shaving cream more than a car wash. This thick cleaning foam sticks to the vertical surfaces on your ride to loosen the bond of nasty road grime. This increased dwell time softens and encapsulates contamination for increased safety in your washing experience.

LUBRICATES! Thick foam adds lubrication for a perfect pre-wash on heavily solid surfaces!
The thick, clinging foam of Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam does much more than just look cool. This lubricant-heavy formulation of a foam wash enables you to wash extremely contaminated surfaces while leaving your paint unharmed. Your wash mitt will easily glide across the surface to scoop up any contamination that the pre-rinse left behind!


  • The car should be cool to the touch & in the shade.
  • Gently mix 1 part of Meguiar's® Ultimate Snow Foam to 5 parts water in your foam cannon bottle.
  • Starting at the bottom, apply Ultimate Snow Foam to the entire vehicle & allow it to dwell until the foam just begins to break. Do not allow the product to dry or freeze on the surface.
  • For lightly dirty vehicles , simply follow with a pressure rinse. Dirtier vehicles may require use of a Meguiar’s wash mitt, followed by a pressure rinse.
  • Pressure rinse before your normal wash mitt car wash.
  • Dry the vehicle using a quality microfiber towel to avoid water spots & apply your favorite spray wax for added protection.

32 oz.

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